What Are The BEST Jeans Brands? Team POPxo Reveals Their Favs!

What Are The BEST Jeans Brands? Team POPxo Reveals Their Favs!
In the 1940s, women started wearing jeans...and there has been no looking back ever since! It is a very basic and the most important wardrobe essential for each and every one of us today. Over the years, a number of brands have come up with modern and different versions of the classic denim jeans. The POPxo team reveals their favourite brand of jeans!

1. Lee Cooper

favourite brand of jeans

Krita Raut, Editorial Manager

“For a person like me who isn’t a big fan of skinny or stretch jeans, finding a pair is a task. And then I tried Lee and am glad I found jeans which don’t stick to my body too much, are a perfect fit and the original colour. And for a change I didn’t have to alter the length either. This pair is as close to a pair of classic jeans as it can get in today’s time when jeggings are the rage, and that’s why it is my favourite.”

2. Topshop

favourite brand of jeans

Simar Rana, Senior Lifestyle Writer

“Topshop is my absolute favourite brand for jeans! I always find a style that suits my body type perfectly, and the fit is amazing too. The best part has to be that unlike some of my other jeans, my jeans from TopShop never become loose or ill fitted over time. I can use them for a long, long time before actually saying goodbye!”

3. Levi’s

favourite brand of jeans

Divya Sharma, Trending Editor

“I love Levi's because because every pair of jeans I try in the store fits me like a dream! There’s never any need for alterations and the quality is so good that they last for years even with regular use. My first pair of jeans was from there, and 10 years later, it’s still my go-to brand for denims.”

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4. Missguided

favourite brand of jeans

Apurva Lama, Fashion Writer

“I have a petite frame, so finding jeans that fit perfectly is a real challenge for me. I stumbled onto Missguided at an online retail store and since then it’s been my favourite brand. They have sizes that fit me perfectly and they also have a great number of trendy designs to choose from.”

5. Forever 21

favourite brand of jeans

Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

“What I love the most about these are that they have just the right amount of elasticity that help them fit well and define my body! They have some new styles that work well on me and they don't cost too much, so I love buying new ones often!”


Palki Malhotra, Influencer Network & Ops Manager

“Forever 21 jeans fit me perfectly - and also cover for a few extra inches that I keep putting on and off. Mid price range, so I will never feel too bad if it wears out. :P”

6. Marks & Spencer

favourite brand of jeans

Neha Gupta, Lifestyle Writer

“I love jeans from Marks & Spencer. They are super comfortable, and fit me in a way that it needs no alterations. I absolutely love these straight cut black jeans I got from M&S and I could wear them all year long!”

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