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9 Telltale Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

9 Telltale Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Dear Girl, If there’s one thing we really, REALLY want for you this year – it would have to be that you cut out that toxic relationship from your life. No, seriously - you deserve way better and there’s no questioning that! If you’re unsure if your relationship quite qualifies as toxic, here are some telltale signs...

1. More drama than you would like!

You’re generally quite a peace-loving person but ever since you started dating him life has become an emotional rollercoaster? Now that’s something to think about. If it’s taking away your peace of mind, is it really worth it?

2. Empty promises

If you and he both keep promising to change things, and then “circumstances” don’t allow it somehow – acknowledge that it’s only an empty promise! You both don’t want to change and that’s a fact. signs of a bad relationship

3. Mind games

If you have to question and doubt every single thing he says and does, then you’re only indulging the mind games. Is that what you see yourself doing all your life?

4. Sorry?!

If you feel that there’s no change in behavioural pattern, but there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to elaborate apologies – we’re sorry to break it to you, girl, but that’s bad news! Sorry is the easy way out – remember that! signs of a bad relationship

5. What do you keep telling yourself?

If you keep reminding yourself that he’s a nice guy, that he’s got a good heart, that he didn’t mean to hurt you, etc., that means you’re justifying his presence in your life at a subconscious level. Truth is, no one is really bad-hearted. We all have goodness inside of us. But sometimes, that’s just not enough to make a relationship work out! new_in_story_banner_500px

6. Living in the past

If you keep making yourself happy thinking of how good things used to be once upon time, we’re going to remind you that you can’t live your life in the reverie that was “once upon a time”. signs of a bad relationship

7. More miscommunication than communication

Has it gotten absolutely impossible to get through to each other? If nine out of ten times, you both are found fighting about what someone said or didn’t say then you need to think (a lot) about why you want to be in the relationship anyway.

8. People that matter...

What does your best friend think of your relationship? Or your mother? Does your sister think he’s bad news? Often, when we are young and in love, we don’t want the opinions of others in our life. But the truth is, the people in your life love you and care about you. If they don’t like the way you are being treated, or the fact that you seem stressed out, then that’s just another huge sign! signs of a bad relationship

9. Self-confidence!

Girl, the most important person in your life – the one who will be there with you through heartbreak, through loss, through the happiest moments and through life’s awesome journey – is YOU! So please learn to put yourself first. If for whatever reason your relationship is messing with your self-confidence, let us be the ones to tell you...it’s not worth it! Do yourself a favour and end things. Have a little faith in destiny and what’s meant to be. You do what’s good for you in this moment and trust the higher power to look after the rest. Okay, darling? GIFs: Tumblr

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Published on Jan 19, 2016
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