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Too Short? Too Wide? Are You Choosing The WRONG Sleeves?!

Too Short? Too Wide? Are You Choosing The WRONG Sleeves?!
Ever thought that you might have been wearing sleeves might make you look wider or shorter than you are? Though we don't usually think it’s a big deal, this might actually be killing your look! Wearing the appropriate length and sleeve type will only accentuate your look and paying key attention to these little things will transform your look. It’s that easy! Read up and avoid these sleeve faux pas!

1. Wear the volume that flatters you!

While we focus our attention towards the bodice of the garment, we should not forget to give thought to what sleeves would look best on us. There are certain types that will enhance your whole ensemble if you just get it right! If you are bulkier towards the shoulder, wear something that doesn’t taper down till the wrist as it will bring focus to the heavier part of your arm. And similarly wear fuller sleeves if you have very thin arms!

Right Sleeve Length

2. While layering, be very careful!

Even though capes are totally in vogue, make sure that you don’t overdo it. While layering, if there is a bit of a peek-a-boo happening, that’s all right, but if it doesn’t look co-ordinated, it might take away from the whole look! Make sure if you are wearing a fuller sleeve inside, the gathers don’t appear on the arm. It should have a clean look on top!

3. The WRONG type of sleeve

The worse mistake to make is picking the sleeve that is not appropriate for your particular frame. This will ruin your style completely. A cap sleeve or puffed sleeves if you are broader at the shoulders will not look flattering at all. There is no clear definition of what sleeves look good in what category, so it's all trial and error. Keep a careful lookout!

Right Sleeve Length

4. The correct formal shirt and jacket length

While wearing formal clothes, make sure that you blazer sleeve is just up to your wrists. Anything shorter or longer starts looking ill-fitted and gives a wrong impression! Make sure that your shirt inside is not showing too much (below the blazer). Avoid wearing anything that extends beyond the wrist - it can look very shabby!

5. Sleeve opening?

The sleeve opening has to be proper too! Not just for comfort's sake, but also because anything tight around your arm will make your whole outfit look tacky. See if you are able to move your arm easily, and that there are no bulges below the sleeve, and you are good to go! Do not ignore this little detail at all.

Right Sleeve Length

6. Sleeve - hips: what is the connection?

Did you know that wearing a long or 3/4th sleeve directly draws the attention to the hip area? And shorter sleeves draw attention to the bust. So if you want the focus to be away from these areas, you’ve got to wear sleeves accordingly. Sleeves don’t alter the body line, but they do shift the focal point! Read this to know more.

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