10 Things That Make You Suspect You’re Not A Real Adult Yet!

10 Things That Make You Suspect You’re Not A Real Adult Yet!
We grow up, and most of us can’t agree more on the fact that it happens too damn soon. While some of us learn to deal with it just fine, some struggle for quite a while! Here are a few things you will get if you just don’t know how to be a real adult yet!

1. Mid-afternoon naps still feel essential…

And you’re cranky between 3 and 5 because you just can't squeeze them in!

being an adult 1

2. Not being able to sleep till noon everyday feels like a punishment.

Like, you know, it was the usual thing to do in college!

3. You consider going to work in your PJs pretty much every day of your life.

That really ought to be legit, you know.

being an adult 3

4. You fail to understand why you can’t function properly when you drink on weekdays now…

Maybe because you have to wake up on time and actually work all day long now? Being hungover in the peace of your bedroom is a privilege you lost a while back.

5. Your mom expects you to wake up on your own now…

And you really don’t know how that's supposed to work. “Why, mom, why!? I NEED a wake up call.”

being an adult 5

6. You still secretly want your dad to handle your accounts and money…

But you must pretend like you understand all of it and are very, very responsible. Being broke is no big deal.

7. Planning meals is your worst nightmare!

How am I supposed to know the day before what I want to eat for lunch tomorrow?!

being an adult 7

8. You procrastinate. A LOT.

Social media to the rescue!

9. You never understand why everyone just expects you to know everything that is happening all around the world!

Ya, so I don’t keep watching news all day long. What can you do about it?

being an adult 9

10. You would really just rather fall asleep hungry than cook something that takes more than 7 minutes.

Just can’t stand around waiting for the damn food to get ready!

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