9 Times You Should Definitely NOT Wear Jeans

9 Times You Should Definitely NOT Wear Jeans
Are you the kind of person who absolutely cannot do without your jeans? Well, there are times you should definitely give them a miss at the risk of being the odd one out (or even worse...unprofessional!). There are many different types of bottoms that you can actually swap your jeans with at times like these. You will fit in seamlessly, pinky promise :)

1. Going For A Corporate Job Interview

Remember, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so don’t ruin any opportunity when it comes to getting that job (especially by appearing so casua!)l. A well-tailored pair of pants or a pencil skirt will work much better for such occasions.

When to not wear jeans

2. Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Parents For The First Time

You are already so nervous, you definitely want to make a stellar impression by dressing nicely. Not that jeans are not nice, they’re just considered casual, especially by older generations. His parents might expect something more formal so pick a nice dress instead, or even an Indian suit.

3. At A Work Party

A work party is nothing like hosting a Friday night party for friends and family. It calls for a slightly more dressier option than jeans, mostly because your colleagues could possibly judge you for opting for a casual attire. Want to form a good impression, stun them with your best skirt and blouson pair.

When to not wear jeans

4. For A Wedding

As much as the pressure of what to wear to a wedding might be, don’t EVER opt for jeans. It is outright rude. There is a huge variety of ethnic wear available, borrow a saree from your mom, do whatever, but DO NOT arrive in jeans. At events like weddings, you want to put in more thought into wearing occasion-appropriate clothes.

5. When You Are Sleeping At Night

No prizes for guessing how badly we need to knock those jeans off if we want a good night’s sleep! Jeans are generally thicker and you want to let your skin breathe after a long day of work or class. Please, go and get yourself some airy PJs. We insist!

When to not wear jeans

6. To An Artsy Event

Call yourself a fashionista? This is your big moment. At such a get together you are bound to meet some interesting people. You should put your best foot forward and looking apt will do magic for your networking too.

7. When You Are Making A Presentation

At work, even though you wear jeans on a normal day, leave them behind for that important meeting. Especially, when all eyes are on you and you’re trying to make a point, you want to appear like you’re in control. Unfortunately, jeans don’t give that impression!

When to not wear jeans

8. During  Super Hot Days

With the temperatures soaring, you don’t want to feel even warmer with a layer of thick fabric covering your legs. Get into that floral pretty maxi dress or those comfy printed palazzos when you’re hot and bothered!

9. Dancing Class

To successfully master all those difficult plies and chasses, you have to be so much more comfortable and flexible. Get into something that has more stretchability. And if you are going for ballroom dancing, you might want to wear that pretty frilly dress with those dancing shoes. The same implies for the gym as well.

When to not wear jeans

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