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#GirlBoss: 14 Signs You're Going To Achieve GREAT Things!

#GirlBoss: 14 Signs You're Going To Achieve GREAT Things!

Women rock, right? We, at POPxo, firmly believe that each and everyone of us has that special spark that pretty much guarantees that we will go on to do something super-special in life. Here are just a few signs that you’re going to achieve great things in life!

1. Persistence is your middle name

Giving up? What’s that? You find your path and stick to it till you make it!

2. Practice means perfect

You know that if you keep trying and practicing you can master any skill you set your mind to.
achieve great things 2

3. You nurture relationships

Networking is something you do naturally, but not in a way that screams social climber or user of people. You never, ever burn bridges.

4. Research is your best buddy

Asking silly questions is not something you ever do. Google is your first port of call. If you really can’t figure it out, you ask for help - but not before you have exhausted every possible avenue. achieve great things 4

5. It’s a marathon, not a dash

Short-term thinking is not the recipe for greatness. You plan for the long game; each step you take is part of your master plan

6. You take nothing personally

Especially criticism! achieve great things 6

7. Mistakes are a good thing

You learn from them. But you never make them twice.

8. You depend on you

While you value teamwork and understand the importance of partnerships, you have confidence in your own abilities. achieve great things 8

9. You believe!

No matter how outrageous your dream, you have this rock-solid, deep-seated conviction that things will work out - in fact, that they will be great. And that you will do your very best to make sure of it. You dream big.

10. You have a to-do list!

You may have big dreams, but you understand the importance of setting tasks and fulfilling them daily! Making lists and ticking items off gives you a kick you can’t quite explain.
achieve great things 10

11. You bounce back

Sure, you fall down! But you bounce back without fail. Stronger than yesterday – that’s your permanent mantra!

12. There’s always Plan B

You believe in your plans but almost always have contingency plans in place. Because life is unpredictable, right? achieve great things 12

13. Haters gonna hate. So what?

You know how to isolate yourself from all the negativity. You know people who talk behind your back are behind you for a reason!

14. Passion drives you

You give everything your 100% in life. If it’s lesser than that, it doesn’t match up to your own high standards set by yourself. achieve great things 14 Images: Tumblr MUST-READ: #OwnIt: 19 Signs You’re a TOTAL Girl Boss! MUST-READ: #GirlBoss: 15 Signs You’re A Natural Born Leader!
Published on Aug 17, 2015
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