Bold IS Beautiful: An Uplifting Ad About The Many Shades Of Love

Bold IS Beautiful: An Uplifting Ad About The Many Shades Of Love
This lovely, uplifting video features two girls, who obviously live together. The long-haired one is fussing about her (super cute!) kurta and earrings because her parents are coming to visit. And there’s this totally relatable quip about how she was dressed only in orange all through her childhood because that was her mom’s favourite colour. (We’ve all been there!)

myntra anouk ad 1

And then the short-haired girl dresses up in an orange kurta and talks about how she wants her mom to like her.

myntra anouk ad 2

“But she doesn’t like short hair!”  

“But you asked me to cut my hair!”

“That’s because I like you in short hair.”

Yes, ladies, Myntra and Anouk have decided on a bold new video as part of the “Bold Is Beautiful” promo campaign, and we get our first, mainstream ad featuring a lesbian couple. And the thing is, gay or not, this has to be the most adorable “couple moment” we’ve seen in recent times. Just watch the video if you don’t believe us!
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Apart from the “aww” factor, we totally love the fact that the brands have chosen this sensitive subject instead of going down the conventional “safe” route. It’s simple, it’s relevant, and we’re really happy! The many shades of love, and the fears and dreams about a “difficult” situation - beautiful messaging, beautiful video. :-)

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