#OfficeStyle: How NOT To Look Boring At Work This Summer!

#OfficeStyle: How NOT To Look Boring At Work This Summer!
All of us girls are super-excited and enthusiastic when we start a new job! The whole week’s clothes are planned during the weekend and nothing is repeated at least for a good 10 days. But slowly the work pressure catches up, or we just get a bit comfortable, or simply have no time - and start throwing on whatever is clean and ironed. The result? We might look office-appropriate enough, but not as awesome as we’d like to! But worry not - with a little help from our friends over at Reliance Trends, we bring you a day-to-day dressing guide for the working week that’s going to make your life a whole lot simpler AND more stylish. Here are 5 looks that are really easy to put together and don’t have even a hint of boring in them!

1. Meeting Monday

what to wear to work Monday

Start your week on a high note with this pretty printed salwar suit that will have you ready for all the meetings you’ve got scheduled. Just pair it up with mid-heel wedges that’ll keep you comfy yet stylish, and a pair of dangling earrings that aren’t too distracting. Now add on a pretty pink lipstick, your trusty tote, and you’re ready to own your Monday.

2. Quirky Tuesday

what to wear to work Tuesday

Mix it up on Tuesdays with this adorable yellow tunic that you can wear with a bright pair of leggings! It’s a very easy-going look that’ll keep you looking great in the office and carry you through any after-work plans you have as well. Just put your hair up in a sleek ponytail for the day and let it down for the evening. Team up with pastel-coloured accessories and round-toe wedges so your look isn’t too loud, and you’re good to go!

3. Sophisticated Wednesdays

what to wear to work Wednesday

A super professional look for the mid-week! This pencil skirt and shirt combination makes a great impression and is a classic! You can even add some colour by wearing coral block heels and matching lipstick and nail paint. A structured bag goes great with this look, and holds all your essentials too!

4. Simple Thursday

what to wear to work Thursday

Thursday is the day we spend waiting for Friday, but you don’t have to let your outfit say that! Wear this gorgeous long kurti with leggings - it’s very flattering for all body types and a great pick for sunny summer days! Ethnic-inspired earrings and a cute not-so-messy bun will make you look even prettier in this outfit.

5. Casual Fridays

what to wear to work Friday

The day we absolutely love and look forward to! Dress up casually in your favourite (but totally presentable) pair of jeans with a simple pink tee. It’s definitely work appropriate and (yet!) stylish. Add wedges, a popping lipstick shade and a relaxed bag, and you won’t even realize where the day went and the weekend started!

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