#StyleEssentials: 20 Things Every 20-Something Girl Should Own!

#StyleEssentials: 20 Things Every 20-Something Girl Should Own!
Time for a closet check, girls! Here's what every girl in her 20s should have in her wardrobe to look super-stylish every time she steps out of the house! Go on, we know you're dying to find out how many things you can check off this list.

1. A Knockout LBD

wardrobe essential 1

A classic that’s never going to go out of style, The LBD is an absolute must. Investing in one that fits you perfectly is a great idea since you’re going to get more than your money’s worth out of it.

POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins Black Bandeau Prom Dress (Rs 2,495)

2. The Heels That Don’t Hurt

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Just like you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince, you have to try tons of heels before you find the one pair that you can strut around in from morning to midnight!

POPxo Recommends: Zara Mid Heel Strappy Shoes (Rs 3,990)

3. Jeans That Fit You Like a Second Skin

wardrobe essentials 3

Whenever we’re in doubt, jeans come to the rescue. May it be black skinnies or distressed boyfriend jeans, you have to own a pair that makes you feel like you’re at your comfortable best.

POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Skinny Jeans (Rs 879)

4. Classic White Shirt

wardrobe essentials 4

They’ve been around for almost a century, and that means something. Never doubt your decision to buy one of these - you can’t imagine how useful and versatile they are!

POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins White Half Placket Rollsleeve (Rs 2,190)

5. A Jaw-Dropping Gown

wardrobe essentials 5

You might think you don’t have much use for a formal maxi dress, but the occasions to wear them will steadily cross your path, again and again as you get older.

POPxo Recommends: Miss Selfridge Turquoise Shimmer Plisse Dress (Rs 2,750)

6. Dependable Flats

wardrobe essentials 6

When you have to be running around all day, there is just no scope of wearing flats that can’t handle the stress. A pair of flats (preferably closed toes) that you can bet your life on are super essential.

POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Posh Ankle Strap Flats (Rs 1,299)

7. A Fitted Blazer

wardrobe essentials 7

It doesn’t have to be the conventional black blazer. Just find one that fits you perfectly and doesn’t gape at places it’s not suppose to.

POPxo Recommends: Zara White Blazer (Rs 5,990)

8. A Versatile Scarf

wardrobe essentials 8

Wrap it around your neck, flaunt it on your bag, or even tie it in your hair! There are so many fashionable ways to style a scarf! And they make you look so graceful.

POPxo Recommends: Zara Geometric Print Scarf (Rs 1,890)

9. Tights/Stockings!

wardrobe essentials 9

Every woman needs tights. And every woman needs to replace her tights as soon as she gets a run in them. Runs might look good on television, but not in real life.

POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Classic Opaque Tights (Rs 409)

10. Totes Amaze

wardrobe essentials 10

We all have days when we’re running around town with no clue when we’ll be getting back home. And on days like those, you have to practically carry your whole world with you. Therefore, TOTE!

POPxo Recommends: Forever New Ellie Scallop Tote Bag (Rs 3,600)

11. Trench It!

wardrobe essentials 11

For the not-so-formal, but ever so fashionable days, get into a trench! Perfect for layering and looking uber-chic, it is the way to go!

POPxo Recommends: Mango Classic Cotton Trench Coat (Rs 4,990)

12. A Flattering Swimsuit

wardrobe essentials

Spare some time doing your research on this one. Find out which type of swimsuit suits your body type best and only focus on buying that! Don’t get carried away and buy a bikini that you’re never going to wear.

POPxo Recommends: The Closet Label Mesh Yoke Swimsuit (Rs 2,250)

13. Boots Meant For Walking!

wardrobe essentials 13

No girl can live without them! You have to own a pair that looks good, feels comfortable, and keeps your toes toasty! Even better if they go with all your winter clothes.

POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 On-The-Edge Buckled Booties (Rs 1,719)

14. Leather Jacket

wardrobe essentials 14

Does this even need to be explained? It’s the easiest way to turn your outfit around and make it look super sexy! Enough said.

POPxo Recommends: Mango Zipped Biker Jacket (Rs 5,590)

15. Totally Formal Pants

wardrobe essentials 15

Jeans won’t work for all occasions, especially not when you get that interview call! You should buy a pair if you don’t have one already.

POPxo Recommends: Kaaryah Women Beige Skinny Fit Formal Trousers (Rs 2,312)

16. Get Neutral With A Clutch

wardrobe essentials 16

You can’t possible have a clutch matching to all of your party outfits, which is where the neutral clutch comes in! Invest in a good one that won’t get worn out too soon.

POPxo Recommends: Paris Belle Shimmery Envelope Clutch (Rs 1,199)

17. Necklace That Speaks For Itself

wardrobe essentials 17

Jazzing up a simple outfit will never be easier with a statement neckpiece. You can even carry it in your bag all day and put it on before heading out in the evening. Go for something that isn’t colour specific so you can pair it up with practically anything.

POPxo Recommends: Forever New Karlie Statement Stone Necklace (Rs 995)

18. Studs That Won’t Rust!

wardrobe essentials 18

Must, must, MUST! We all love costume jewellery that’s easy on the pockets, but you have to have a pair that will last you for a while. At least until you can invest in a better, more expensive pair.

POPxo Recommends: The Playful Flora Earrings (Rs 5,321)

19. A Proper Desi-girl Sari

wardrobe essentials 19

Even though you might not get to wear it as often as you like, you have to have a sari. Even if it’s mostly going to stay wrapped up in your closet. But we live for the occasion when we get to take it out and dazzle everyone.

POPxo Recommends: Orange Embroidered Saree (Rs 1,786)

20. Suitable Shades

wardrobe essentials 20

It’s always better to have one good pair of shades that suits your face than have many that don’t. Finding the right one may take you a few trips to different stores, but you will be only benefitting from it.

POPxo Recommends: Style Fiesta Yellow Reflected Sunnies (Rs 1,199)
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