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Steal HIS Style! 9 Menswear Items to Rock Your Daily Style

Steal HIS Style! 9 Menswear Items to Rock Your Daily Style
While men don’t brave the skirts, women have been wearing the pants for decades. Despite that fact, we’re sure you still automatically go the women’s section in every store and on every website you visit. Well, here’s why you should put a stop to that and take a trip through the men’s section too. Trust us, it’s the gateway to a whole new world of fashion!

1. Camo-rama

menswear women can wear

While a universal trend, the nicer camo-prints are always found in the men’s section. Find something that fits you well and wear it with a pair of of black shorts and boots for a very androgynous look.

POPxo Recommends: Oversized Green Camo Skater Fit T-shirt (Rs 1,670.57)

2. The Potential of Plaid

menswear women can wear

Do we even need to say it? Plaid is a classic that can look terrible if you wear it everyday. But once in a while, if you style it just right, it looks awesome. A very geeky look that can be pulled off with black frames and distressed jeans.

POPxo Recommends: Tartan Plaid Shirt (Rs 1,369)

3. Just Say Vest

menswear women can wear

While traditionally worn for formal events, girls can work this piece in many ways! Wear this vest over a white fitted shirt and skinny jeans for a casual day out. Don’t forget to add a bit of heel and shades though, it could very well ruin the whole look.

POPxo Recommends: Casual Twill Vest (Rs 1,669)

4. Casually Crew-Necking It

menswear women can wear

While we do have a lot of plain t-shirt options in the women’s section, sometimes it’s just not the right fit. In these cases, shopping in the men’s section will solve your problems! Go for the smallest size and make a fixed feature in your wardrobe.

POPxo Recommends: Red Marl Crew Neck T-shirt (Rs 742.48)

5. The Suave Fedora

menswear women can wear

While it takes a special kind of man to carry of a fedora, every woman can own this look in her sleep! Especially great for when you’re having a bad hair day (we’ve all had those) and don’t want your roots to show!

POPxo Recommends: Black Fedora Hat (Rs 1,857.43)

6. Nothing Better Than Bow-Ties

menswear women can wear

They’re not just for men! You can use these to add a bit of quirk to daily outfit or keep it for special occasions. Definitely an element that’ll impress people to no end!

POPxo Recommends: Bombay Balloon Bow-tie Set Of 2 (Rs 375)

7. Denim Shirt For The Win

menswear women can wear

Women have definitely taken over this trend! They wear it better than the men do and and if you don’t own one yet, you’re really running behind your time. They’re very versatile and and can styled in a million ways.

POPxo Recommends: Jack Jones Blue Casual Shirt (Rs 2,495)

8. Belt Borrowing

menswear women can wear

While simple yet interesting ones are not always easily available in the women’s section, you’ll get a plethora of them in the men’s. Perfect to wear with jeans, or over a casual dress to add a bit of character to your outfit.

POPxo Recommends: Studded Suede Belt (Rs 2,890)

9. Jacket Like No Other

menswear women can wear

Boyfriend Jackets are definitely a thing but you don’t necessarily need a boyfriend for this! Just choose a small size in a bomber jacket like this one, make sure it fits you nicely and doesn’t stand too big on the shoulders and you’re good to go! Make sure to opt for a versatile colour that’ll work with different outfits!

POPxo Recommends: Vegan Leather-Sleeved Bomber Jacket (Rs 2,449)
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