Dress for the Desk You Want, Not The One You Have: Power Dressing By MISU | POPxo

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#PowerDressing: Dress for the Desk You Want, Not the One You Have!

#PowerDressing: Dress for the Desk You Want, Not the One You Have!

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and to keep up, one must not only act the role but look it too. Employers and clients have become way more wary, choosier, and judgmental while hiring someone, or evaluating employees. They pick up on subtle hints your appearance gives out - broken buttons imply that you are clumsy; a stained outfit indicates that you are unkempt; and chewed nails point towards a nervous temperament. Here are some pointers to help you look presentable and professional at work. Power dressing is what we call it!

power dressing

Did you know that colours evoke emotional responses on a certain level? Why do you think the president of the United States always wears a blue tie when addressing the public? Blue tends to be a more reassuring and "trust-worthy" colour than, say, red.

power dressing

When it comes to women, there has never been a better time to dress your best at the workplace. Just remember that dressing well at work is not only the hallmark of a new-age woman, but also a way to feel good about yourself.

power dressing

Please wear suits. But don't drown in a dowdy, dumpy mannish suit when you can don a gorgeous peplum suit that is stylish and makes a statement at the same time. If there is a dress code at work, you need to follow it. But that does not mean you cannot add you personal touch to your outfit. Unless you have to wear an uniform, do not allow your colleagues and potential clients to judge you by wearing unflattering clothes.

power dressing

The idea is to look like you take care of yourself, which will reassure a potential client that you will also take care of their business. Also, experts will tell you that when a person knows they look good and sharp on the outside, they feel more confident - and that invariably affects their performance. If your work does not require you to dress formally, then have fun with your look - within reason, of course, and make sure to always look “well put together”! MUST-READ: The New Trend of POP-UP stores and Why They Rock MUST-READ: Are Street Style Stars The New IT Girls?
Published on Jan 14, 2015
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