#RealGirlStyle: What to Wear If You Have a "Cleavage Problem"!

#RealGirlStyle: What to Wear If You Have a "Cleavage Problem"!

While big boobs top the wish list of many a modestly endowed lass, being on the other side of a C-cup can sometimes be a bit of a problem, since far too often we have days when it feels like the whole world is only interested in gawking at our chests. So we decided to take matters in our hand with this handy guide to dispel the distress that plagues women with larger-than-average busts - or, as we like to call it, a "cleavage problem". (It's not your problem that people can't keep their eyes to themselves, but unfortunately it's you who has to suffer the resulting discomfort.) Here's what to wear if you have a big bust and are tired of being stared at!

1. Opt for Scoop or V-Necks

what to wear if you have a big bust

Plunging scoop or V-necks that leave just the right amount to the imagination will be your sartorial BFFs. These flattering necklines will make your neck look longer and your décolleté enviable - without actually showing too much boob. Stay away from halters, mandarin collars and high necks, since these styles emphasize the bust and draw eyes to it.

POPxo recommends: New Look Floral V-Neck Tea Dress on Koovs, Rs 2,295

2. Keep the Top Simple

what to wear if you have a big bust

If you want to play with embellishments, ruffles or detailing, save it for the bottom half of your dress. Your bodice needs to be fuss-free. No unnecessary pleats, sequins, embroidery or embellishments up top, as they end up adding inches to your bust. Simple does it.

POPxo recommends: s.Oliver Blue Full Sleeve V Neck Top on Jabong, Rs 1,440

3. Choose The Right Fabrics

what to wear if you have a big bust

Heavy fabrics like satin, velvet or chunky knits bunch up at the bust. Instead invest in fabrics like cotton, jersey, cashmere or light knits. Comfortable, stylish and versatile - these tick all the right boxes.

POPxo recommends: MANGO Women Black Silk & Cashmere Blend Sweater on Myntra, Rs 3,490

4. Wear Structured Clothing

what to wear if you have a big bust

Finding a midway between utterly loose and so-tight-that-you-can’t-breathe is key. Your outfits need to be structured without being too snug, balanced without being too boxy. In fact boxy, silhouettes are probably the most unflattering choice for you - they conceal what deserves to be (discreetly!) highlighted and give you a tent-like appearance.

POPxo recommends: Classic Edie Viscose Jersey dress by French Connection, Rs 2,730

5. Rompers and Jumpsuits Are Great

what to wear if you have a big bust

It’s safe to say that jumpsuits/rompers and big boobs is a match made in style heaven when one wants to go low-profile. They're blousy on top without being sloppy, and the slightly loose bottom half also helps balance out your bosom. Pick one in a darker colour or small print on top. We'd advise you against horizontal stripes, though!

POPxo recommends: Nun Leaf Printed Jumpsuit on Fashionara, Rs 1,514

6. Wear Wrap Dresses

what to wear if you have a big bust

Wrap dresses create a flirty look and put your twins on display minus an OTT look-at-me invite. Moreover they accentuate your waist and create a slimming effect too. Win-win, did you say?

POPxo recommends: Drape Wrap Dress by The Closet Label, Rs 1,800

7. Buy The Right Bra

what to wear if you have a big bust

Now this is an important tip irrespective of your body type, but more so in your case. If you haven’t got yourself fitted till date, it’s about time you book that appointment. The right bra in the right size will provide necessary support and ensure that clothes sit better on you. A minimizer cup is not out of the question if you really want downplay your girls, but rule of thumb: avoid push-up bras!

POPxo recommends: Le Mystere Lace Underwired Minimizer Bra on Zivame, Rs 2,995

8. Of Sleeves and Straps

what to wear if you have a big bust

Three-quarter sleeves and broad-strapped sleeveless clothes will be the most flattering for you. You ought to avoid thin, spaghetti straps, as they will only exaggerate your bust - opt for thicker, wider straps for a balanced act.

POPxo recommends: In A Heartbeat Top by Stylista, Rs 2,300

9. Say Yes to Jackets

what to wear if you have a big bust

Jackets and blazers are a good bet for you as they cover up what needs to be without completely drowning your assets. Choose streamlined styles with nipped waists for maximum impact. Single-breasted blazers minus wide lapels are what you need.

POPxo recommends: Modern Muse Blazer by Forever 21, Rs 1,969

10. Accessories to the Rescue

what to wear if you have a big bust

Accessories can work in your favour or spell disaster - it all depends on the style you choose. Chokers, collar necklaces or chunky short necklaces will accentuate your bosom! Long chains and statement pendants are right on trend, though. You can turn to a stylishly knotted scarf to cover up on all those occasions when you're travelling alone using public transport!

POPxo recommends: Outhouse Mcstar Pendant on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Rs 9,000

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