Tommy Hilfiger on India: "The Women Here Are Sophisticated and Elegant"

Tommy Hilfiger on India: "The Women Here Are Sophisticated and Elegant"

This year, the Tommy Hilfiger brand celebrates 10 years in India, and POPxo was privileged to be part of the milestone anniversary celebrations! During the legendary designer's two-day trip to New Delhi, we caught up with him for an exclusive interview. Candid and inspiring, here's what Mr Hilfiger had to say about his brand, India, Indian fashion and future of the Tommy Hilfiger brand in the country... 

tommy hilfiger interview

Tommy Hilfiger with Sonam Kapoor at the Tommy Hilfiger store in Select CityWalk Mall in New Delhi

1. We heard that you first visited India was during the early 1980s. How does it feel to be here again, after so many years?

I have been to India many times since I established by namesake brand in 1985. It has been a fantastic visit this time and we’ve had a lot of fun celebrating our brand’s 10th anniversary in the country. I always enjoy seeing how Indians interpret our preppy, all-American classic styles with their own unique twist.

2. What is it about Indian fashion that you admire? Who are your favourite Indian fashion designers and why?

I find traditional Indian fashion very inspiring, from the intricate fabrics to the stunning colours and details. The women here are sophisticated and elegant, and know how to combine traditional pieces with a contemporary touch. There are so many talented designers in India: I like Rajesh Pratap Singh’s minimal aesthetic and Sabyasachi’s twist on tradition. Miuniku is also a talented duo to watch – they combine colours and prints in a way that’s very original.

3. Who is the Tommy Hilfiger client? How would you describe her/him?

Our customers around the world appreciate premium quality pieces that transition from season to season and have a classic appeal mixed with our signature Tommy twist. They’re effortlessly cool and aren’t afraid to experiment and put a unique touch on their personal style.

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Manish Malhotra, Gauri & Nayanika, Ranveer Singh and Fatima Karan at the Tommy Hilfiger in India 10th Anniversary bash at the Leela Palace in New Delhi

4. In the future, can we expect a collaboration with an Indian designer?

You never know what the future will hold! I love collaborating with designers, artists, musicians and creatives from around the world to bring a fresh perspective to the brand.

5. What is one thing about India that you love the most, and why? What excites you about India as a market?

India has always been a very inspiring country to me. I love the energy of the culture, the friendly people, and the busy markets that captivate all the senses.

6. How do you feel about the fact that your brand has completed 10 years in India?

We are very proud of the success we’ve had in the country over the past 10 years. We were excited to pave the way as one of the first global American lifestyle brands in India, and over the last decade we have focused on bringing our Americana heritage and the preppy lifestyle at the heart of the brand to consumers across the market.

tommy hilfiger anniversary - collage 2

Sonam Kapoor, Sumant Jaikishan, Dipannita Sharma and Shantanu Mehra at the Tommy Hilfiger in India 10th Anniversary bash at the Leela Palace in New Delhi

7. What advice do you have for the other aspiring fashion designers?

Don’t give up on your dreams and always stay true to yourself.

8. Can you describe your brand in 3 words?

Classic. American. Cool.

9. If your life had a background score, what would it be?

Music has been a passion of mine since I was young, and it’s a constant source of inspiration for me. The theme song for my life would be a mix of old and new, from The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and David Bowie to Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys, The Black Keys and Imagine Dragons.

Estelle at TH_10TH Anniversary Celebration

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Estelle performs at the Tommy Hilfiger in India 10th Anniversary bash at the Leela Palace in New Delhi

10. What has been the most memorable part of your trip so far? What has surprised you the most?

With so much to celebrate around our 10th anniversary, this trip has been fantastic. I have enjoyed meeting with our local consumers and thanking them for their continued support, and I was honoured to share my experiences in the fashion industry with students from the National Institute for Fashion Technology. Estelle’s performance at our 10th anniversary event in New Delhi was incredible – we’ll be talking about that for years to come!

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