YouTube Rewind 2017 Is Out And It's Meme-tastic!

YouTube Rewind 2017 Is Out And It's Meme-tastic!

Now that we’re this close to the end of 2017, the whole year seems like a huge blur, doesn’t it? So much has happened over the course of 12 months that, naturally, keeping track isn’t too easy. This is when YouTube steps in and helps us out with the much-anticipated YouTube Rewind 2017.

What is YouTube Rewind?

It’s a video series that is created and produced by YouTube and Portal A Interactive that show you an overview and a recap of the year’s viral videos, trending events, memes, and popular music. Several YouTubers and other well-known celebrities make an appearance in the videos, and not surprisingly, the number of people featuring in these videos have increased over the years.

YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017

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This year the video starts off with a bang, featuring Luis Fonsi and the track that became the biggest earworm of this year - ‘Despacito’, and moves on to the other viral music that became hits this year, including our very own Sheeran favourite ‘Shape of You’, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’, and even Alessia Cara’s ‘Stay’. The solar eclipse of 2017 also had a huge role to play in the video this year!

Some of the internet fads that made it to the music video include Salt Bae, the world-obsessed fidget spinners, the obsession with all things made of slime, and subtle references to the trends of the past that were buried in the years gone by including the Harlem Shake, ‘cash me outside’, rickroll, and the origins of the dab. Clearly, the focus of this year’s video is all on the memes that made the internet such a great place to be!

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But it wasn’t all games and fun, as the video shows a morose recap of all the natural disasters that broke homes and a solemn tribute to everyone who lost their lives in tragedies that occurred in the year, but in the end showing how solidarity, unity, and love brought people together even in times of crisis.

Lilly Singh a.k.a iiSuperwomanii, and Ashish Shakya and Naveen Polishetty from AIB were some of the familiar faces making a comeback from last year’s YouTube Rewind videos, as well as other big creators including Markiplier, Dan and Phil, Poppy, Grace Helbig, Liza Koshy and many more.

Thank you for the rewind, YouTube. Sure makes it a lot easier to say goodbye to 2017 and a big, fat welcome to 2018!

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