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10 AWESOME YouTube Videos Every Indian Girl Needs To Watch!

10 AWESOME YouTube Videos Every Indian Girl Needs To Watch!

Being a woman can be tough. And the word tough is an understatement for the enormous pressure women are constantly under to tiptoe along the line of propriety, as suggested by the good old Indian society. But there are badass ladies, wriggling out through the fringes and into the mainstream, making their voices heard, loud and clear. Here are 10 amazing inspirational videos EVERY Indian girl needs to watch.

1. Bra Shopping

Aditi Mittal’s comedy is unabashedly specific to her observations as a woman. From vaginal tightening creams, sanitary pads to shopping for bras, she talks about experiences which are universal to all women but are hardly spoken about. This video is a must-watch for all women who have had a hard time shopping for lingerie, be it at a neighbourhood shop or at the fanciest mall.
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2. Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?

This video by Girliyapa is relatable at so many levels! No matter how awesome you look, you may end up feeling like someone else looks hotter or more beautiful and is thus getting all the attention from boys. It happens to the best of us and we explode internally, unable to handle it.
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3. Geeta

The empowering story of Geeta Tandon, interviewed by Blush, a mother of two and a Bollywood stuntwoman who fought all odds to escape years of marital abuse. She has lived on the street, made it on her own in a male-dominated industry; trudged on during the most challenging times to live on her own terms.
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4. How To Make A Sandwich

Self-admittedly, Superwoman is a peaceful unicorn but on those rare occasions that people get on her nerves, she is fully armed to destroy them. She made this video as a response to a YouTube user who commented on one of her videos saying women aren’t funny and she should just go to the kitchen and make him a sandwich. So she did, ‘Please note I am using fresh ingredients to make up for your expired thought process’.

5. EIC Outrage: F*ck Feminism!

In this hilarious video, comedian Sorabh Pant from EIC discusses feminism and why it is becoming an abuse. He says, ‘Feminism uses words and ideas to change the way we see gender. It affects 49 percent of the world’s population, 48 percent in case of India because we have killed the remaining 1 percent’. He calls out, ‘Every 30 minutes one woman is raped in India, where is your anger? If feminism makes you uncomfortable, maybe you are part of the problem’. For anyone unsure about feminism, or being a feminist, this is a great place to start and break all the myths you have.
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6. Rape - It's Your Fault

A satire on victim-blaming when it comes to sexual violence against women, this video by AIB is three years old, but still extremely relevant. Featuring Kalki Koechlin and VJ Juhi Pandey, it elucidates how, irrespective of what a woman wears, where she goes, how she spends her life, should a man want to forcefully impose himself on her, our society will still make it out to be her fault.
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7. Fursat

What is more endearing than a young, beautiful couple in love. A couple where, for a change, the man stands tall and proud behind his successful wife. 'Fursat', a song sung by Arjun Kanungo and music video produced by Sony Music is romantic and poignant, but it is also a big testament to girl power. Don’t miss the amazing twist at the end of this video.
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8. The Introvert's Banter

If you love your own company and have to remind yourself to spend time with other people, this one is for you. Rabia Kapoor, a 19-year-old poet, speaks out loud against extroverts whose inherent charm makes them a star attraction of every party. At a spoken word session by Kommune India she says, ‘Extroverts are ruining our lives. And somebody needs to take a stand. Because there is always a confident ass who talks over the shy guy who actually has a bizarre story to tell’.
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9. Valentine's Day Special | A Love Letter From A Male Chauvinist Pig

A chilling video by Being Indian, narrows its gaze on the perpetrators of gruesome crimes against women by letting them speak their intentions out loud. Spurned lovers, neighbours, family members, watchmen, teachers, bosses, government and authority - this open letter from an eve teaser, albeit harrowing, is a must-watch as it reflects the mindset of a considerable number of people in our country.
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10. Nanok - Lay You Down ft. Ray Dee

In a country so uncomfortable with discussing or representing a woman’s sexuality, this video by DJ and music producer Nanok celebrates it like no other. Featuring singers Monica Dogra and Anushka Manchanda, it is a powerful, emphatic and beautiful depiction of love and desire - which remains unaffected by the gender of one’s lover. Watch the video here. So ladies, start watching!
Published on Mar 10, 2017
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