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11 Exciting & *New* Short Films You Can Watch On YouTube!

11 Exciting & *New* Short Films You Can Watch On YouTube!

We all love watching movies but most of the days, having two hours or more to spare is like a luxury. On such days, short films come to our rescue and several Indian production houses have made it big in this game, thanks to the easy availability on YouTube. From romance, thrillers to drama and inspirational - these 11 short films will fit any of your moods!

1. Love Dovey

We have heard tonnes of love marriage stories but hardly any arranged marriage love stories. This short film by Madmidaas Films, starring our favourite Nidhi Singh, shows that what holds a marriage together is not a great background story but how compatible the two of you are!

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2. Two.Three

After every honeymoon phase in a relationship comes the period of arguments and fights. We’ve all been through that, right? This adorable short film by Curious Men Films touches on this particular topic and how love truly conquers all these silly fights.

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3. Chhoti

No person in your life will ever compare to your mother. Mothers are truly blessings in disguise and this video by Blush is enough proof. Released for Mother’s Day this year, this short film, starring Lilette and Ira Dubey, discusses the bond between a mother and a daughter. The little countless fights and then making up in the cutest ways, we all know it’s a bond unlike any other!

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4. Aise Hi Hai Zindagi

This short film by humaramovie is a must-watch for every couple! How else will you learn to make up after fights? This cute little movie starring Barkha Bisht and Indraneil Sengupta tells us the story of a couple, their fights and exactly how they learn to make it up to each other!

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5. The Girl At The Airport

Not every story has a happy ending. This short film shows us the heartbreak that often comes along with loving someone. There is a girl waiting at the airport for her husband to arrive, all happy and excited… But what happens next will absolutely shock you!

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6. I’m Home

For girls who love a bit of thrill here is a perfect short film to keep you on the edge of your seat by The Short Cuts. There is something always super creepy about new houses, right? Something similar happens to Sameer and Pooja when they move into a new place to start their life together.

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7. InstaLove

We find love in different forms all around us. With our growing presence on social media, a lot of times, we find it there as well. This couple see each at a cafe where the girl leaves a note of her handle, they connect on Instagram, get chatting and fall in love. But what happens when they actually meet? This film by Dew Drops is just heartwarming!

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8. Something Like Love

Set in the year 2027, this futuristic love story by ThoughtProcess Films, starring Shantanu Maheshwari, is about two people who meet each other but are completely dependent on each other. How do they go about finding love in such a world? Do they? This film touches just the right chords!  

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9. Passing Bye

What happens when love gets interrupted by forces beyond our control? This sweet film by Natak Pictures about a woman, her lover, Valentine’s day and why sometimes it’s important to let go and move on is what every girl needs to see when she’s feeling low.

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10. Born Free

We often wonder if what we want in life is a stable job or to follow our not so stable passion? And then somebody comes along and just like that, shows us the right path. That’s exactly what happens to Samarth when he meets Vanya in Goa. This is an inspirational film by Cheers! Starring Sumit Vyas and Mukti Mohan and though 40 minutes long, we absolutely love the message it leaves us with!

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11. One’s Tango

JustLikeThat Films brings us a poetic film about love and what it takes to keep a marriage together. How two people find balance in their relationship and why it’s important to find that. One’s Tango is cute and gets the message across loud and clear - love is always a game for two!

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Which one are you watching first?

Published on May 29, 2017
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