15 Thoughts I Had While Binge-Watching POPxo's Webseries 'Unmarried'

15 Thoughts I Had While Binge-Watching POPxo's Webseries 'Unmarried'

POPxo launched its first ever webseries, Unmarried and because I have zero chill, I binge-watched it over the weekend. It's funny, quirky and everything in between. The story is of three friends, Kay, Chirag and Abby and their relationship status which everyone wants to change from 'unmarried.' How true is this?!

Let's be honest, it's tough to come across a webseries with potential nowadays and the fact that I stayed up till 2 am binge-watching Unmarried speaks volumes! So as a final verdict, here are the thoughts I had while watching Unmarried

1. Why does Kay always look so worried?

Don't frown, girl!

thoughts-i-had-while-binge-watching-popxo-webseries-unmarried 1

2. Okay... Now I get it. 

Oh, she does have too much on her plate right now.

3. 'Unmarried' Hmmm... Never thought of it that way. 

You'll find out soon why the webseries is called 'Unmarried' and you'll so relate to it if you're on the other side of the 20s and single.

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4. Her parents are hilarious. 

All they talk about is getting her married. 

5. I think Abby is undoubtedly my favourite

He's SO funny! Just look at his dance moves!

01 thoughts i had while watching unmarried

6. Sneha looks so cute! How could she do this to Abby? 

Is an apology enough? I don't think so.

7. This show is giving me some serious trust issues. 

Why is this happening to them?

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8. So Chirag's mom speaks just like him? This is too funny. 

You have to hear it to believe it!

9. I can't stop laughing at her accent. #SorryNotSorry 


thoughts-i-had-while-binge-watching-popxo-webseries-unmarried 23

10. Ipshita just dropped the biggest bomb on Abby. And I'm beginning to like Parul a lot more now. 

Lo jee, naya siyapaa.

02 thoughts i had while watching unmarried

11. I like how this show isn't just based on Kay's life, but includes the entire gang. 

I'm catching up with all characters in each episode.

12. They mess up, they get drunk, they care too much. Yup, sounds like millennials. 

High five!

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13. Some aww-worthy scenes. 

All six of them are so sweet! Really wish Kay and Sahil get together now.

14. Sahil noooo, don't do it! 

Did he or didn't he?

15. Wait, did Cherry just hint at a season 2? 


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