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First Episode Of The Webseries 'Unmarried' Shows You The True Meaning Of 'Siyapaa'

First Episode Of The Webseries 'Unmarried' Shows You The True Meaning Of 'Siyapaa'

DISCLAIMER: Spoilers Ahead!

'Siyapaa', that's the title of the first episode of Unmarried and that is exactly what was brewing in my head, just like in the lives of Abby, Cheeru, Kay and Sahil.

1 unmarried webseries - kay and sahil

Kritika AKA Kay is the perfect example of every millennial girl for whose 'career >; getting married'. Having quit her stable job for a start-up with Sahil, who used to work with her in their previous company, Kay is preparing for their first interview for FlyFashion but Sahil has some big news which puts their future in doubt. All this while I was thinking that Sahil, like every typical Bollywood movie, has fallen in love with his partner and is going to propose to her but NO! Sahil has to leave the start-up under his parents' pressure to get a "stable job" instead and get married. Disturbed by this news, Kay makes an impulsive decision and OMG I did not see that coming! Well, so much for Siyapaa 1. But more on that in the episode's end.

2 unmarried webseries - abby and sneha

As for Siyapaa 2, this one broke my heart into a million pieces. Kay's friend Abby, who's a teacher and preparing for UPSC exams, finds out that his girlfriend, who he's getting engaged to, has been cheating on him. What broke my heart was the terrible WhatsApp conversation between her and the other guy that tells Abby that Sneha is a bitch. Pardon my language but you'll know when you see it.

3 unmarried webseries - chirag

Speaking of which, there's one who stood up the sweet and innocent Chirag aka Cheeru, Abby's roommate, at a restaurant. That's a Siyapaa 3. I think he's 'the funny guy' in the series who with his shudh Hindi and naive nature is going to make us all LOL a little too loud. There wasn't much about him in this episode, though.

So, I'm going to find out more about this in the next episode called 'Bhasad'. Watch Unmarried on the POPxo app right now!

If you haven't, check out the first episode here:

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POPxo's first web series 'Unmarried' in association with Lifestyle, fashion partner Numero Uno, dating app partner Woo and salon partner Neu Salonz is out now! Catch the first episode on YouTube here. Binge watch all episodes on the POPxo app. Click here to download now!

Published on Jul 1, 2018
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