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Sushmita Sen Slays In ‘Aarya 3’ Teaser & Here Are 5 Times She Was Equally Badass IRL!

Sushmita Sen Slays In ‘Aarya 3’ Teaser & Here Are 5 Times She Was Equally Badass IRL!

If there’s one Bollywood celebrity who hasn’t succumbed to societal pressure, it’s Sushmita Sen. Whether it’s about getting judged for being a single mom or dating a younger guy, she is not afraid to tell people to back off. Some of it also translates to her reel life characters. In her show Aarya, she plays the role of a brave mom who will put everything at stake to save her family.

Just to give you a quick recap, season 1 had Aarya coming to terms with her husband’s murder. In this season, we saw her transformation from a docile to a revengeful wife. This was a phenomenal comeback and the series was also nominated for the Emmy Awards in the best drama category. Season 2 had a new battlefield ready for her. Just when Aarya thought her troubles were over, she had to come back to India to become a witness. Recently, Disney+ Hotstar released a teaser for season 3 and the 30-second clip left me sitting on the edge of my seat.

Well, the latest teaser reminds me that Sushmita is a badass in real life too. She inspires us to live without apologising for our beliefs. Here are five times the actress spoke about heartbreak, sexism in the industry, and owning up to her mistakes:

Normalising Break-ups!

Sushmita broke the pattern of being silent and announced her break up with Rohman Shawl in a heartwarming Instagram post. All it took was her honesty for people to relate and pour in loads of love.


Adopting A Child At 24!

For a single woman, adopting a child in India is no cakewalk. Sushmita Sen once revealed in an Instagram post that people questioned her for adopting Renee and warned that this could take a toll on her professional life. Despite facing societal judgments, and unsolicited opinions, she went ahead with the adoption and set an example at the age of 24. Sushmita now lives a beautiful life with her two adopted daughters Renee (18) and Alisah (13).

Refusing To Lip-Sync A Sexist Line!

The actress doesn’t just stand her ground in real life, but in reel life as well. Back in 2000, Sushmita refused to shoot the famous song Mehboob Mere because of its sexist lyrics that said, “aa garmi le mere seene se” (come feel the heat from my chest). She got the makers to replace the lyrics with “aa narmi le meri aankhon se”.

Shutting Down Trolls & How!

When Indian businessman Lalit Modi revealed in an Instagram post that he was dating Sushmita Sen, it took no time for the trolls to label the successful actor as a ‘gold digger’. However, Sushmita didn’t take things lying down and gave her answer in a sassy Instagram caption. It’s funny how easily people forget that she is very much capable of paying her own bills!

Self-Love For The Win!

From her self-love captions to badass interviews, Sushmita Sen has always inspired me to be comfortable in my own skin and be grateful for it.


I can’t wait for her to rule our hearts again with Aarya Season 3!

Feature Image: Disney Plus Hotstar

30 Jan 2023

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