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What Would It Be Like If… Men Had Periods?

What Would It Be Like If… Men Had Periods?

The cramps, the mood swings and the pool of blood - no, no, and no we don’t think boys will take it as well as we girls do. This is one thing we are really proud of and we have all the valid reasons for it. Have you ever wondered the things that would happen if men had periods? If you haven’t, then here are some revelations guys made on Reddit about what world would be like if they had periods and they are hilarious!

1. The one who knows that there would be fights happening for...

Cannibalcodeofethics answers on Reddit: Tampon fights.

2. The one who got it all weirdly wrong!

PM-SOME-TITS answers on Reddit: This comic explains it pretty well:

2 if men had periods

3. The one who is thinking about the urinals...

33papers answers on Reddit: Urinals would be a lot messier.

4. The one who is worried about his sperms...

Gumbyrocks answers on Reddit: Our species would have become extinct.

4 if men had periods

5. The one who definitely has no idea what girls go through during periods!

VanDriver1 answers on Reddit: They wouldn't whine about it as much.

And then a girl responded to him saying:

Halloysite answers to VanDriver1: Are you kidding? Most men in my life whine and resort to dramatics if they have a small cold and have a stuffy nose.

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

Girls, now we know!

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