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6 *HILARIOUS* Situations Every Wife Will Relate To!

6 *HILARIOUS* Situations Every Wife Will Relate To!

Marriages are fun, agreed? The one person with whom you can be ‘yourself’ with, talk to about the crappiest stuff and do fun things together with, is your hubby. But when you are a newbie bride, there are so many things that will seem alien to you. Like when you get to know of your husband’s weird habits and you don’t know how to react to them. So, to make things a bit fun, we have six super hilarious situations all wives will relate to.

1. When you realise that your dearest husband is just an overgrown baby!! But you still love him, so you do what it takes…

1-situations all wives will relate to-late

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2. Okay... This one’s funny as hell!

2-situations all wives will relate to-dirty funny talk

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3. *This was so much better when you could comfortably sleep in your bed ALONE*

3-situations all wives will relate to-funny situations

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4. Every wife should feel this way, ALWAYS!

4-situations all wives will relate to-awesome wife

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5. Come on... How is this your fault? You are new to this kind of thing, so you’re excused!

5-situations all wives will relate to-funny tweet

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6. And this is what happens a few weeks after your wedding, when you are well aware of every weird thing your hubby does and you love him, so you don’t kill him, coz you have your own ways of taking sweet revenge *evil grin*


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Published on Jul 14, 2017
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