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9 Yoga Asanas For Hair Fall Control

9 Yoga Asanas For Hair Fall Control

Did you know that yoga can help your hair grow longer and stronger? So when my friend told me that yoga is beneficial for my hair too, I just had to know more about it.

Through much research, I found that there are a bunch of different yoga asanas that actually help in boosting my hair growth and prevent hair fall as well. Here they are.

Yoga Asanas For Hair Fall 

Yoga For Hair Growth

Okay, so how to use yoga for hair fall prevention? Here are the asanas that help me stay fit and also promise to make my hair look absolutely glorious.


Sit upright and cross your legs in Vajrasana. This means I pull up my feet over my knees while sitting on the floor. I then take deep breaths: when exhaling, my stomach retracts inwards and while inhaling my stomach expands. I do this for 15 to 20 minutes. This yoga asana helps prevent hair fall and boosts hair growth as it improves the oxygen supply to my body. It not only clears my head but also clears the toxins from my body.


Balayam Yoga

This is the most simple asana that I love using anytime, anywhere. I curl my fingers on both hands and then rub my nails against each other vigorously without much pressure. This asana needs to be done for a minimum of 15 minutes. This asana is a kind of reflexology therapy for boosting hair growth. It helps improve blood circulation in the scalp and also helps strengthen my hair roots.

Thunderbolt Pose

Keeping my knees together in a kneeling position, I sit on my heels, upright, and rest my palms resting on my thighs. I hold this position for about a minute while taking deep breaths. This asana helps relieve stress and therefore helps prevent hair fall which is a stress-related hair concern.

Forward Camel Pose

For this asana, I stand straight with my legs close together and I raise my hands straight above. Then, I bend forward with my hands extended straight and reach for the floor at the sides of my feet. I cannot touch my entire palms on the floor just yet, which is the deal position. It helps relax the muscles and directs blood and oxygen flow to the head. This in turn makes the hair follicles grow longer and stronger. This can be a good yoga for back pain as well.

Back Camel Pose

For this yoga asana, I kneel on my mat with my knees slightly apart. I then bend backwards and touch my feet with my hands. This is a slightly difficult position, so I try to hold it as long as I can while taking deep breaths. I get hair growth benefits from this pose as it stimulates the nerves in my scalp and boosts blood circulation too.


Rabbit Pose

The rabbit pose is fairly easy to do. I kneel and bend forward with the crown of my head flat on the ground. I then try to touch my heels while maintaining this forward bend. This asana needs to be held for 2 minutes and it helps give me stronger hair. The asana balances the thyroid gland, boosts circulation in the scalp and also helps stabilise hormones.

Fish Pose

The fish pose needs to be done lying down flat on your back. I place my hands on my hips and then try to slowly lift my shoulders and torso off the ground with the support of my head on the ground. This asana helps reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.

The Wind Relieving Pose

I lay on the floor and hold the back of my knees so that my things are pressed against my stomach. Whenever I exhale, I lift my head and shoulders off the ground and try to touch my head to my knees. This asana clears your stomach and improves gut health which in turn helps hair thrive by boosting nutrient flow to the head.

Shoulder Stand

This has been one of my favourite asanas for hair growth. Once you learn it, you will be more comfortable doing it often. I lay flat and then press hold my back with my palms. I then try to thrust my legs and hips up and hold them up with the support of my elbows on the ground. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release it. This asana helps revive dull and dry hair by directing blood flow to the scalp.


Yoga for mental health can also benefit your hair as well. With these asanas, you can perform yoga for hair growth at home and enjoy a healthy mane.

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12 Feb 2023

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