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Not Having Sex With Your BF? Guess What? It’s NOT A Big Deal!

Not Having Sex With Your BF? Guess What? It’s NOT A Big Deal!

You are in love with him and adore every moment you spend with him – kissing and cuddling and making cutesy gestures. But you’re not having sex with him? Guess what? That’s COMPLETELY okay. Yes, it is! Even though your friends may wonder at you being “old-fashioned”, as long as you do not want to, it’s okay not to. Here are 12 reasons why not having sex in your relationship is really NOT such a big deal!


1. It’s your choice and absolutely no one else’s

Sex means being physically, mentally and emotionally involved with a person – and nobody but you must and should decide whether you want to do it or not! Peer pressure really has no place in so intimate an act.

not having sex

2. Because it’s about the place you’re in

Even after being in a relationship with a person for some time, you may not be sure about him, or may not consider the stage your relationship is in as the ideal point when you would want to get physically involved. If that’s the case, it’s okay to wait it out.

3. The “first time” is actually quite overrated

The “first time” for most couples is not as idyllic as it appears in the movies – so there is no tearing hurry to get it done with. So, if you’re not doing it right now, stop losing sleep over it.

4. Rushing into it is not a good idea

We’ll only call you wise if you are taking time and being doubly sure of your decision to have sex, instead of rushing into it. Waking up with guilt and regret is never fun – though thinking back to your intimate moments and smiling sure is. So, be sure!

not having sex

5. Sex is important, but there is so much more to a relationship than it

A relationship is about the emotional bond you share with a person, wherein you love each other and in turn become your better selves together. Sex is then a choice that both of you can exercise whenever you wish to as long – it can never really be the sole foundation of your relationship.

6. Waiting for the right moment to have sex only makes it hotter!

It keeps the excitement alive, turns you on every time you even talk about it – the entire anticipation alone can build arousa!

7. Love does make sex better!

If you are waiting to fall head-over-heels in love with a person before you have sex with him – we are rooting for you. Why NOT, we say!!

not having sex


8. You aren’t “missing out”

If FOMO is worrying you, please stop, seriously, ‘coz there is nothing that you’re missing out on! Some have sex late, some early, some too much and some too little… Basically, everyone gets to it sooner or later. And FYI, it’s not something that becomes “less good” with age – so no worries on that score, either.

9. It’s NOT a rite of passage

There is no club, no rewards! Having sex will not elevate your status among friends and neither will it make you come across as a rebel. To have or not to have sex should neither be cheered nor looked down upon, but be treated as a subjective choice – different for every person.

10. The right guy WILL wait for you to be ready

The right guy is the one who accepts you and understands your choices and reservations. What’s more is that he will give you space and time to be ready for sex and will not try to force or cajole you into it.

not having sex

11. Not everybody is doing it

We know sex sells like hot cakes in our world – and anybody selling anything from a bottle of deodorant to a packet of cement is using it. But, trust us, even though it may look like it – everybody is NOT doing it.

12. Sex is an intimate – and important – act

And it’s okay if you want your first time to be perfect – and are only waiting for it to be so.

13. Always hold on to your beliefs

If at any point of time you feel having sex is going against your inherent belief system and makes you uncomfortable – please don’t do it. Sex is a wonderful feeling when done right, and shouldn’t put you at odds with yourself for having done it.


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05 May 2016

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