What Does Your Cuddling Style Say About You?!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
What Does Your Cuddling Style Say About You?!


If there’s one thing we never get enough of – it’s cuddling! And why should we? Is there any other gesture that is as romantic, adorable and loving, ALL at once? There are so many ways in which we snuggle up to our partners (and it’s not always in bed!) –  and, ladies, it speaks tons about how we’re feeling! Here’s what your cuddling style says about you…

1. If you like being spooned

If you’re the “little spoon” while the two of you lie in bed, it indicates that you feel comfortable and comforted – and you like that affectionate and slightly protective gesture very much!

cuddling position 1

2. If you’re the one holding on to him from behind

Are you the “big spoon”? It indicates that you don’t want to let him go! Cuddling with him is all you need to keep those nightmares at bay.

3. If you’re someone who likes hugging him face to face in bed

Chances are you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, when you spend entire nights talking to him and still can’t get enough. Everything about him feels adorable to you, and falling asleep midway through long conversations is something you don’t wanna give up!

cuddling position 3

4. You like putting your head on his shoulder

If you sleep with your head on his shoulder, it shows how you really admire your partner and also feel a little protective and possessive about him, and have no qualms about openly expressing these feelings to him. You are proud of him and your relationship.

5. You sleep on top of him!

You just can’t get enough of him. It’s like you want to scoop all of him into a hug, before swimming into a night full of sweet dreams. It also might mean that you’re somewhat possessive and a teeny-tiny bit jealous when it comes to your guy!

cuddling position 5

6. If you just tangle your leg with his while sleeping

This can say two completely opposite things about you – either that you’re slightly uncomfortable about showing physical affection or that you are so comfortable and familiar with him that something as little as a legs touching will work in place of a cuddle for you!

7. You’re a constant nuzzler

You are the fun and flirty kind. You just walk up to him when he’s home, jump into his lap and nuzzle his neck or kiss him on his nose. It shows you are a super affectionate person and know how to never have a dull moment in your relationship.

cuddling position

8. You like to take his arm and cuddle up while walking

It shows that you’re super proud of having him beside you, and love showing it to the world. His opinions matter to you, and you value his support in your life.

9. If you couch-cuddle him

Snuggling into him against a corner of the couch, and watching movies or reading together is a very romantic gesture. It speaks volumes about the kind of loving, caring and expressive person you are!

cuddling position

10. If you gently put your arm across him in bed

You not only enjoy your space in a relationship but also offer it to your partner. You trust your partner and have found a perfect balance with him – where you don’t feel the need to be closely tethered to him at all times to show him how much he means to you.

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