#Zodiac: What Do You REALLY Look For In A Partner?!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016
#Zodiac: What Do You REALLY Look For In A Partner?!


For some, the saying “Opposites attract” rings very true. For others, it feels as though they have found an extension of themselves in their partner. What is it that YOU look for in a partner? While you may know what ticks your boxes and sets your heart on fire, you may not know what innate qualities you desire in your potential mate. Read on to see if the stars offer the answer…!


aries - look for in a partner

You tend to favour a mate who is self-assured, decisive and capable of leading. In other words, you look for someone similar to yourself. Those who are quick to challenge your initial expectations of them excite you more. You prefer to be sought out rather than to seek out a partner, so those with strong initiative also take your fancy!


taurus - look for in a partner

In addition to a sensuous appearance, you desire a partner who takes care of themselves and knows their priorities. You are intrigued by those that have a genuine goodness about them and pick up on small gestures of kindness. Practicality and sensibility are traits that you favour, but when someone comes along and sets your heart on fire then unexpected prospects may actually become very desirable!


gemini - look for in a partner

You desire a partner who is intelligent and communicative, like you. A good connection is a must for you. Sex is fine, but you won’t really enjoy a relationship if you can’t have mental fun and games with your mate on a regular basis. You’ll appreciate a companion who’s versatile and adaptable, as well as interested and talented across a broad spectrum of things.


cancer - look for in a partner

Sensitivity and an emotionally responsive personality, combined with good communication skills, are what you look for in a mate. You also tend to favour those who offer you a sense of security and aren’t shy of commitment. You do favour a strong personality when it comes to your other half, and like that they can take charge of a situation without hesitation.


leo - look for in a partner

An accentuated level of the creative and dramatic flair gets your attention! You are one to look for the inner child in a partner, and revel in their attitude of positivity and showmanship! That spark of youthfulness is something that you find very refreshing. More than this, you enjoy a partner who has a moderately active lifestyle and isn’t one to sit idle, waiting for you to come up with a plan.


virgo look for in a partner

Practicality and a real down-to-earth nature are what impress you in a mate. You’re not one to be encouraged by castles-in-the-sky promises, and stability is what gets you going. That’s not to say that you don’t enjoy those who have a sense of adventure – but thrill-seekers aren’t really your go-to type.


libra - look for in a partner

You are one to wear your heart on your sleeve and as such there aren’t many dull moments when it comes to your love life. Good manners, neatness, good taste and the ability to get along well with others are things you favour in a mate, as well as an attractive overall appearance! Selfishness is what turns you off the most and a quality you always watch out for.


scorpio - look for in a partner

You favour someone who is willing to take ample time to build a meaningful relationship; you dislike being rushed, especially when your feelings and emotions are involved. Your sign is one that really goes for the spark and sexual chemistry that can be ignited between two people, but your cautious nature allows for time to play its role and let other factors unravel!


sagittarius - look for in a partner

Since you are quite the wanderer yourself, you seem to have a thing for those who enjoy travel and adventure! The more of an adrenaline junkie they are, the more it’ll turn you on! But you might be surprised to know that when it comes to settling down you are more likely to crave a mate who is in many ways opposite to you and provides balance to your lifestyle. A sense of humour is a very big plus!


capricorn - look for in a partner

You like to take your time when choosing your ideal mate; this is because when you get involved with someone, you like to make sure that it is a union that can stand the test of time. You enjoy a mate who is practical, level headed and down-to-earth. One who will work hard at doing their part to assure you that they are in it for real. You do tend to go for those that have a cheery sense of humour!


aquarius - look for in a partner

Whether you like it or not, you seem to attract potential partners who are, to say the least, a bit on the quirkier side of life! Your perfect partner is one who stimulates your mind, body and soul – it’s important that all three are in harmony! More so, your sign is the type to build up a solid friendship with a mate before embarking upon anything further. If they are sociable, all the better as you really enjoy the company of groups and social gatherings.


pisces - look for in a partner

You seem to attract and to prefer potential mates who are sensitive and affectionate. You desire those who are very romantic because it suits your inherent demeanour and compliments the dreamy way you go about life! Being a Pisces, the eyes are the physical feature that really lure you in. It may surprise you that you tend to go for a partner who offers a sense of grounding to your life – but as they say, balance is best!

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