We Kiss, We Makeup: 10 Ways To Cheer Him Up After A Silly Fight!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Jul 31, 2017
We Kiss, We Makeup: 10 Ways To Cheer Him Up After A Silly Fight!


Girl, every couple fights. Sure, it can get quite nerve-wracking, but in the end, it’s the fight that brings the two of you closer. Fights are silly and a total waste of time and energy. No matter who hurt whom, you’ve got to put this behind of you. Face it, you know that you love him more than anything in this world. Kiss and makeup is the best way to go about it. After all, love conquers all, right? Trust in it and we bet things will go back to the way they used to be. Here are 10 ways to cheer up your guy after a fight. (Remember, you got this!)

1. A little striptease show

You strutting around the house in your skimpy lingerie is bound to make him forget that fight he had with you in a jiffy. You know what follows after, ladies? Make-up sex! After all, what better way to release that unnecessary built up tension by having a good time in between the sheets, right? *wink*

2. Wine’s an icebreaker

Have you ever seen anyone unhappy with a bottle of wine? Of course not! If you bring cheese into the picture, it will just get better! Sipping on smoky red wine, munching on salty cheese cubes and listening to soft jazz music will help set the mood just right.

2 cheer up your guy wine  

3. A cute sorry voice note

If you’re not really good with words, why not send your love a sorry voice note? Get creative by mixing poetry, song lyrics and music into your sound. It’s not only unique, but it will make his heart melt. After sending it, don’t forget to follow it up with kiss and heart emojis. He’ll love that.

4. Bake him a cake or even better, a batch of fresh brownies!

Cake and brownies, are the ultimate peace gifts no guy can resist. Don’t buy it, but make a batch for him from scratch. When you cook, use love as an ingredient. It’s the sweetest thing you can ever do for your guy!

4 cheer up your guy baking

5. Invite his guy friends home for dinner

Another way to cheer him up is making a surprise plan with his guy besties. Invite them over for dinner and don’t tell your boyfriend about the plan. Let him come home to the surprise. The kind that he’ll always cherish and love you for.

6. A day at the spa sounds exciting

A nice, relaxing day at the spa is a perfect way to help him let go of some steam. Book him an appointment and surprise him with an all-paid for spa coupon. Pampering your man is bound to fetch you some brownie points.

6 cheer up your guy spa

7. Flatter him with compliments

Tell him that he looks good today in those jeans or that new haircut looks fantastic on him. The more compliments you give him, the bigger the smile on his face will become. After all, compliments cost nothing, but are most remembered.  

8. A random drive plan sounds fab

When stepping out for a drive, it’s best to go without a plan! Just drive and blast the music. Make a short trip away from the city and we bet that by the time you both return home, you’ll be refreshed and in a better frame of mind.

8 cheer up your guy car drive

9. Cuddle sessions are the best!

Whether he likes it or not, cuddle him. Hold him close to your body and don’t let go. Hugs and kisses are the best ways to fade all that anger and worry away. Plus, cuddling can get addictive and it feels so good!  

10. Put it down on paper

You don’t need to woo him with creativity here. We want you to write your feelings on paper. Analyze the reason why you fought, come up with solutions and own up to something if you messed up. Remember girls, a couple that communicates with each other, stays together.

10 cheer up your guy sorry

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