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The REAL Reason Guys Ask For *Nude* Pictures!

The REAL Reason Guys Ask For *Nude* Pictures!

Guys, as has been established time and again, are visual creatures. The easiest way to arouse us is by showing us something appealing. And since we can't physically be with you all the time, we feel really grateful to modern technology for enabling us to not think of that as a major problem. It’s the age of smartphones and Snapchat - so we can see you and almost feel like we're with you even when we're not. And when we're feeling frisky, that feels like an honest blessing. Because, nudes, ladies! We love the concept because of so, so many reasons. Today, let us try and convey to you why guys ask for nude pictures…
The goods. We can't deny we love the subject of the picture - your body! It's beautiful and alluring and gets us feeling so, so hot! Your body is real and something we can actually visualize touching - and it brings forth our memories of the things we've actually done with it. Which is why most of us also find your naked body much more exciting to look at than a stranger's on the Internet! GIF 1 why guys ask for nude pictures The other major reason we ask you ladies to send us nudes is because it's thrilling! It's exciting, it's secretive, it's intimate - what's not to love about nudes? We never thought there would come a day when a phone notification could get our hearts racing, but we were clearly wrong. Just the fact that you're doing sending us a naughty picture of you makes us feel kind of in control. And it gives us major bragging rights! (Just with ourselves, of course - we wouldn't share these with anyone!) And while you might think it's all sexual for us - it's not. We ask for nudes, yes, but we don't always expect to receive them. We know you have to think of all the possible implications of it and we wouldn't want you to do something you're uncomfortable with. So when we do actually receive one from you, it makes us feel turned on, sure - but right after that, we feel a lot of gratitude for the trust you placed in us by doing this. That's what makes the whole thing so intimate! gif 2 why guys ask for nude pictures
We know we have to earn the nudes by earning the trust. And we'll always keep working on that. And we'll get there, ladies. We're determined. But until that time arrives, please just put up with turning us down the many times we ask. We're just trying our luck! Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr
Published on Feb 24, 2017
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