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Time For A Love Test! Take This Valentine’s Day Quiz To See How Sacha Is Your Pyaar

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we hope you have planned a perfect week for your partner. From a romantic date night to cosy time in bed, you must have curated your Valentine’s week itinerary and we are sure that it is going to be fab. But, apart from all the usual plans, if you are looking forward to doing something different and fun for your SO, then we have some Valentine’s Day quiz ideas that’ll be just perfect. 

Here are some fun questions that you can ask your partner and also questions that you and your partner can answer together. Well, this is the game that will bring back so many memories and help you rekindle your love. So, what are you waiting for? Start prepping for this amazing Valentine’s Day trivia stat.

Valentine’s Quiz For Couples

Valentine's Day Quiz Questions And Answers
Unsplash – Valentine’s Day Quiz Questions And Answers

These Valentine’s day quiz questions are super interesting and will help you understand your relationship even better. A third person can ask you these questions and you can answer simultaneously. In the end, you can see how many of your answers match and whether or not you guys are on the same page!

1. What do people say when they see you guys together?

A)  Aww! You look totally smitten by each other… I’m jealous! 

B)  You both are always busy socialising with other people at a party. 

C)  You two look like you are having fun – right from giggling to sharing secret smiles.

2. What would you guys most likely be doing on a date?

A)  Any place works for us as long as we two are together. 

B)  Grab a quick and quiet meal; conversations are boring. 

C)  Clubbing, drinks, karaoke…always up for fun stuff.  

3. How often do you say ‘I Love You’ to each other?

A)  Whenever we feel like it. There’s no such thing as ‘good time’ for love, right?

B)  It’s kiddish! 

C)  All the time. We even end up fighting about who loves whom more.  

4. Do you both argue?

A)  Argue? Nah, we discuss things. 

B)  We now just ignore things. 

C)  No no, that’s a big ‘NO’ in our relationship.  

5. How often do you compliment each other?

A)  All the time. 

B)  Compliment what, exactly?

C)  It’s not required, we know we are the best.  

Valentine’s Day Memes 2022

6. If you were stuck on an island, what would you do?

A)  We might end up living on that island. 

B)  Scream! We will end up killing each other.

C)  Have fun, what else?

7. If one of you is away, how often do you call each other?

A)  We try to be connected all the time.

B)  We’re so busy. Who has the time to call?

C)  Whenever we get free and need to have a good chat.  

8. A movie you would like to watch together…

A)  Notebook/ DDLJ 

B)  Godfather/Sholay 

C)  Dumb and Dumber/ Andaaz Apna Apna  

9. How similar are your likes and dislikes?

A)  The similarity is uncanny. 

B)  We don’t remember what he/she likes or dislikes now. 

C)  Not much, but that’s the fun part.

10. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

A)  Every day is Valentine’s Day for us!

B)  A marketing gimmick that makes people spend dimes. 

C)  Another reason to party!

11. Would you like to live your love story all over again?

A) No, we’re only concerned about the present and future.

B) Of course not. 

C) Again, and again, and again!

12. How often do you guys spend quality time together?

A) Every week, it’s a rule.

B) It’s unnecessary, leads to a fight.

C) Every moment we spend together is quality time.

13. What do you guys mostly do on trips?

A) Explore picturesque locations.

B) Sleep and get some peace.

C) Go on an adventure.

14. Do you believe in couple’s therapy?

A) Yes, it works for those who need it.

B) What’s even the point?

C) Noooo! It never works.

15. Is your partner your BFF?

A) No, but we’re very great friends.

B) We were, once.

C) Totally!

Valentine’s Day Quiz To Play With Your Partner

Valentine Quiz For Couples
Unsplash – Valentine Quiz For Couples

This fun Valentine’s Day quiz will help you understand your partner even better. Ask them these questions and see whether they can answer them correctly.

1. What is your partner’s blood type?

A) A 

B) B


D) O

2. Which will your partner say is his or her greatest hunger?

 A) Hunger for food

 B) Hunger for sex

 C) Hunger for money

 D) Hunger for sleep

3. If your partner could choose between the following places, where do you think he or she would most like to live?

 A) New York

B) Hawaii

 C) Italy

 D) Texas

4. If your partner showed up at your doorstep after work with two dozen roses, what do you think probably happened?

 A) They’re in trouble

 B) They’re at the wrong door

 C) Nothing, that’s pretty normal

 D) They know the in-laws are coming

5. Which of the following would your partner say would be easiest to give up?

 A) Phone

 B) TV

 C) Coffee

 D) Sex

6. What’s the first thing your partner does after waking up

A) Check phone

B) Make tea

C) Do meditation

D) Stay in bed until they’re late

7. What’s your partner’s fave movie genre?

A) Action

B) Romance

C) Comedy

D) Thriller/Horror

8. What’s the one thing your partner spends the most money on

A) Clothes

B) Jewellery 

C) Bags

D) Gadgets

9. What’s the drink your partner is most likely to order on your date?

A) Wine

B) Cocktail

C) Whiskey

D) None of these

10. What’s your partner’s favourite season?

A) Winter

B) Summer

C) Autumn

D) Monsoon 

11. What’s your partner most likely to go to prison for?

A) Drinking and driving

B) Getting into a fight at a club

C) Eve teasing

D) Shoplifting 

12. What’s your partner most likely to choose:

A) Beaches

B) Mountains

C) Adventure 

D) Casinos 

13. What does your partner usually do when in stress?

A) Smoke

B) Sleep 

C) Discuss

D) Work harder

14. How often does your partner cuss?

A) All the time

B) Only during stress or when mad

C) Never

D) Only with friends

15. What excuse does your partner generally makes for being late?

A) Traffic

B) The alarm didn’t work

C) Too much work

D) It’s my fault, I’m sorry!

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts Quiz

Valentine's Day Trivia Multiple Choice For Couple
Unsplash – Valentine’s Day Trivia Multiple Choice For Couple

This is a valentine quiz for couples that they can play in pairs. A third person can ask you these questions and you both can answer them together. You can also make chits of these questions and pick them up randomly while playing the game. Note down your answers separately and check whether you have chosen the same option in the end. Also, do not forget to make a cute video while you guys do so.

1. What fruit is known as the love apple? 

A) Pineapple

B) Mango

C) Tomato

D) Grapes

2. Cupid, the God of Love, holds what in their hands?

A) A bird

B) A sword

C) A spear

D) A bow and arrow

3. Where was Valentine’s Day first celebrated?   

A) India

B) Ancient Rome

C) France

D) Venice

4. What’s the third day of the Valentine’s week celebrated as?

A) Teddy Day

B) Propose Day

C) Rose Day

D) Chocolate Day

5. Which of the following is not usually gifted on Valentine’s Day?  

A) Chocolates

B) Fruit baskets

C) Cards

D) Flowers

6. Why do we call our SO “Valentine” on Valentine’s Day?

A) Because St. Valentine signed a letter to someone special to him “From your Valentine”

B) Because the day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day

C) Cupid’s lover’s name was “Valentine”

D) Nobody really knows

7. Which colour rose depicts “love at first site”? 

A) Red

B) Yellow

C) Pink

D) Lavender

8. Usually, which flower is sold the most on Valentine’s Day?   

A) Tulips

B) Rose

C) Lotus

D) Lilies

9. Which of these is a romantic movie that one can watch on Valentine’s Day?  

A) Die Hard

B) No Time To Die

C) The Holiday

D) Fatal Attraction

10. What question is usually asked on Valentine’s Day?

A) Why are you single?

B) What’s your number?

C) What’s your raashi?

D) Will you be my Valentine?

11. Which Roman emperor prohibited young men from marrying someone?  

A) Aurelius

B) Claudius II

C) Trajan

D) Domitian

12. Who created the very first box of chocolates? 

A) Richard Cadbury

B) Jim Russell

C) Edward Kennedy

D) Lady Godiva

13. Name the man that wrote a poem about Valentine for his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London?

A) Geoffrey Chaucer

B) Charles Darwin

C) Charles Duke of Orleans

D) Alexander Pope

14. Who was known as ‘the Mother of American Valentine’ for being the first mass manufacturer of uniquely designed American Valentine’s.          

A) Serena Williams

B) Monica Bellucci

C) Charlotte Bronte

D) Esther Howland   

15. What do people generally write on their Valentine’s card?   

A) Their breakup note 

B) Their feelings

C) Their Adhaar card number

D) Their bank balance


  1. C) Tomato
  2. D) A bow and arrow
  3. B) Ancient Rome
  4. D) Teachers
  5. B) Fruit baskets
  6. A) Because St. Valentine signed a letter to someone special to him “From your Valentine”
  7. D) Lavender
  8. B) Mother’s Day
  9. C) Boxes of Chocolates
  10. D) Necco
  11. B) Claudius II
  12. A) Richard Cadbury
  13. C) Charles Duke of Orleans
  14. D) Monica Bellucci
  15. B) 1 billion
Unsplash – Valentine Quiz For Couples

This Valentine’s Day quiz is going to check your knowledge about the day. While you have been celebrating this day of love for years now, let’s see how much you’re actually aware of it! Let the toughest love trivia begin!

1. What was the first card company that made Valentine’s Day cards in America?  

A) American Greetings

B) Hallmark

C) New England Valentine Co.

D) Sweet Sentiments

2. What’s usually denoted as the colour of love?

A) Green

B) Black

C) Purple

D) Red

3. What’s a common way of proposing someone? 

A) Bring baraat at home

B) Put a ring in wine glass

C) Call parents randomly

D) Send an SMS

4. On what do people usually spend the most on Valentine’s Day?  

A) Flowers

B) Cards

C) Date

D) Trips

5. Which animal was Aphrodite, the Love Goddess’s favourite because of their monogamous nature?  

A) Angelfish

B) Wolves

C) Doves

D) Swans

6. Which hormone is known as the “love hormone”??   

A) Testosterone

B) Oxytocin

C) Serotonin

D) Estrogen

7. “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Juliet cried out from her home in this city:

A) Verona

B) Milan

C) Venice

D) Rome

8. This king declared Valentine’s Day to be a public holiday in England in 1537.

A) King Henry VIII

B) King Richard the Lionheart

C) King James II

D) King Edward I

9. Generally, who should propose first?

A) Men

B) Women

C) Both of them together

D) There’s no rule

10. Tum Hi Ho is a romantic song sung by which singer?

A) Atif Aslam

B) Sonu Nigam

C) Arijit Singh

D) Shaan

11. Who among these fictional couples did not end up together?

A) Jim-Pam (The Office)

B) Love & Joe (You)

C) David & Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)

D) Chandler & Monica (Friends)

12. Which animal is the symbol of love?  

A) Dove

B) Cat

C) Dog

D) Horse

13. What is the name of the girl who planted an almond tree with pink blossoms beside the grave of St. Valentine? 

A) Julia

B) Rosemary

C) Cynthia

D) Aurora

14. According to Roman Legends, which goddess is known as the Goddess of Love and Desire?    

A) Flora

B) Vesta

C) Luna

D) Venus

15. What is the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time?  

A) When Harry Met Sally

B) Pretty Woman

C) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

D) The Proposal


  1. C) 
  2. D) 
  3. B) 
  4. C) 
  5. C) 
  6. B) 
  7. A) 
  8. A) 
  9. D) 
  10. C) 
  11. B) 
  12. A) 
  13. A) 
  14. D) 
  15. C) 

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Unsplash – Valentine’s Day Trivia Multiple Choice

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So lovebirds, we’re sure this interesting Valentine’s Day quiz will make your romantic day even mushier!

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10 Dec 2021

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