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Truth or Dare Questions for Boyfriend

22 Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

There is so much that a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ with your boyfriend can do! Truth or dare questions for boyfriend allow you to get answers to questions you otherwise wouldn’t have asked so frankly, and it also adds some humor and kinky romance to your otherwise regular lives. If nothing, you’ll create some great memories with the truth and dare dares! So if you want some ideas, or truth questions for boyfriend, read on to know exactly how this game must be played – these Truth and Dare questions for bf will help you sail through it!

1. Truth: Your most embarrassing moment with a girl?

Why not use this game to dig out those secrets that your man may have been hiding from you all this while?! Probe him to tell you his most embarrassing moment ever and you might end up sharing a good laugh! And remember, a man who is comfortable enough to share something like this, says a lot about how he feels about you.

2. Dare: Kiss me where you’ve never kissed me before!

Feel like getting a bit frisky? Try this dare for bf. Ignite some fire by daring him to kiss you, maybe even somewhere he has never kissed you before. And you never know what one deep sensual kiss could lead to…

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3. Truth: Who do you care about more… me or your best friend?

This is a difficult question to ask your boyfriend while playing truth and dare as he may try to avoid it. However, also be prepared to hear the truth. It will hurt if he chooses his/her best friend. Anyway, this is gonna be one of the hardest truth or dare questions for boyfriend.

4. Dare: Ask him to hand over his phone to you and you can text anyone on his behalf.

This will seriously make him think twice as it is a difficult dare for boyfriend to accept. You can text anything from his phone to anyone in his contact. The two conditions will be that he can only tell the person that it was just a game after the person has read the text and one hour has been passed. It will be fun to watch how anxious he remains until he gets a response!

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5. Truth: What do you feel for your ex-girlfriend now?

Think twice before you ask this question because you may not be prepared to hear the answer. But if this is something that you have been wanting to know the answer to, then just go for it! (This is also one of the truth and dare questions to ask your crush)

6. Dare: Ask him to wax his chest

‘Are you mad?’ will be his first question when you will tell him to do this and ‘ouch’ will be his cry once he will get his chest waxed.

7. Truth: What’s a kinky fetish of yours that you are scared to share?

When you feel like making things a tad bit naughty, just ask him about his wildest fantasy! This would be a key to his deepest, darkest, and most sensual desires that you can definitely experiment with sometime in the future! This is going to be one of those truths or dare questions for your boyfriend where you will get him to spill some secrets.

8. Dare: Blindfold me for 5 minutes and do whatever you want…

Still, swooning over the sexy scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey? Why not have a lil’ fun of your own and dare your guy to blindfold you and do whatever the hell his kinky mind wants?

P.S.: He will thank you for playing this game!

9. Truth: Have you ever stalked anyone on social media?

These types of truth or dare-questions for a boyfriend help you to know him better. This is a good time to discover the layers to his personality and find out if he secretly stalks your hot guy friends, or even worse, his exes! And trust us, his answer might teach you a lot about him!

10. Dare: Change your Facebook relationship status every 15 minutes for the next hour!

This could be a great way to get the game started and watch him make a joke of himself (all by himself!) on Facebook. Imagine how much fun that would be! After all, a dare is a dare!

11. Truth: When was the last time you lied to me?

Now, this is a tricky question! His answer could be something funny like when he last told you that he loves your cooking skills or something…not so cute. But a great time to find out either way!

12. Dare: Pole dance for me, baby!

Awesome time to dare him to give you an exclusive striptease and pole dance performance, while you lie back on the bed and watch him sex you up!

13. Truth: Do you see your future with me?

This would be the ultimate moment of truth. If this question has been nagging you for long and you haven’t found the right opportunity to bring it up, this is the time to ask it!

14. Dare: Next time we go over to your house, steal a kiss from me while your parents are still around…

Want to experiment a little and see how badass your guy is? Just make him kiss you while his parents are still at home. And then you can check this off of your bucket list!

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15. Truth: What’s your most disgusting habit?

This game can be a great way to discover the not-so-amazing things about your man and get him to put all his cards on the table! Though be sure to expect a really rotten answer for this one – otherwise he’s not really being truthful!

16. Dare: Drop an ice cube in your pants and hold it for 2 minutes!

Want to have some fun? Torture him a bit? Dare him to drop an ice cube and hold it in his pants for two minutes. To see him squiggle, wiggle and jump around would be a funny sight, one you won’t ever forget!

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17. Truth: How annoying is it really when I call you while you’re out with your friends?

Guys hate it when we call them up while they’re out with friends. But we girls, call them up anyway! So why not find out, on a scale of 1-10, how annoying does he really find it each time when you call?!

18. Dare: Pretend to be me for the next 2 minutes!

Time to have a lil’ fun! Dare your guy to imitate you, just for two minutes and a laughing riot would definitely follow! Besides, you’ll get to know much he really knows and observes you! This is one of the most interesting dares for your boyfriend to see how he perceives you.

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19. Truth: How many girls have you slept with?

You may or may not regret asking this question, but nevertheless, this game is the perfect way to know about his past sexual encounters!

20. Dare: Braid my hair!

This is one of the good dares for your boyfriend if you are looking for something sweet and romantic. What an adorable feeling it would be to have your hair braided by your man… Stop daydreaming and live this moment for real, while playing this game!

21. Truth: Have I ever done something that annoyed you a lot but you didn’t tell me?

Yes, it is true that boyfriends keep secrets from us by not telling us directly what annoys them at the time thinking of it as girls’ nature. So this is the time when you can ask them which of your habits annoys him. For example- when you take time to get ready.

22. Dare: He has to make you laugh and you have to give your best to not laugh.

This is a dare to test your boyfriend’s humour and how well does he know you. You have to try hard to make a poker face throughout because you may even laugh at how bad his joke is. So have fun and see how funny your boyfriend is!

We hope we have given you some tough truth and dare questions to ask your boyfriend while playing truth and dare. Even the dares are funny or bold which will entertain you both for sure. Go get him!

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