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Think Before You Ink – 12 Tattoos You Probably Shouldn’t Get!

Getting a tattoo has always been a cool thing…except that now every other person has a tattoo. If you’re a girl who’s (also) getting a tattoo, think before you ink! Here are 12 types of tattoos you should NOT get. 

1. Dearly Beloved

If you do not want the ghosts of boyfriends past to haunt you in the future, you may not want to sport tattoos with your better half’s name. We already spend more time healing from breakups than the relationship itself – do we really need a permanent reminder of his existence? I don’t think so.

tattoos you should not get

2. Family Matters

Okay, we all love our dads, moms, siblings, but do you really want your dad’s name or face staring back at you when you’re getting busy with your guy? Even if it’s cool with you, rest assured that it’s definitely going to be unnerving for your boyfriend!

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3. Cliches

Tattoos are individuality brought to life with art. If you’re going to get a butterflies, hearts or unicorns tattooed, we’d urge you to think again. Unless a butterfly saved your life or something. Then that’s cool.

tattoos you should not get

4. Think Skin

When you’re deciding on what to get tattooed, think hard where you want it done. Sure, your arms are all toned and sexy now, but there will be a day when you let go…and that tattoo will loosely hang down till your ankles.

5. Moving On…

You loved The Lion King once, but would you want to see little Simba painted on your skin now? Or Harry Potter’s nerdy glasses? Just think it through. What seems like a cool idea today may feel dorky a decade from now. If you really want a tattoo, think classics.

tattoos you should not get

6. Song Lyrics

We’ve all had an Avril Lavigne phase when we hated the world and everyone we know was conspiring against us. But we mostly leave all the hostility behind and transform into less judgemental, more forgiving people as we grow. So, do you really want to get something that says “I don’t give a f***”? Because, eventually, you just might.

tattoos you should not get

7. The Ghajini

So you got a tattoo with your best friend. Then someone talked you into getting another one. Then someone challenged you to a third. And then one for the road. It has GOT to stop. You are a normal human being, not Ghajini. Get a notebook and start making lists of things you need to remember!

tattoos you should not get

8. Gibberish

Writing “Peace” in Japanese is quite pointless if you’ve never been to Japan, don’t you think? Wait, does that actually say “peace”? Do you even know enough Japanese to be sure?

9. “You Complete Me” Tattoos

A tattoo that only becomes whole when the two of you come together… How utterly romantic – not! Does this mean you’ll be walking together everywhere, for the rest of your lives?

10. Divine “Ink”-ervention

There’s a reason why spirituality can be found in books and not read off people’s bodies. If you need to remind yourself to be good and righteous, perhaps you should read the Book?

11. Portraits

No harm in getting someone’s face tattooed on your body, but think hard because this could go terribly wrong. Portraits aren’t easy and require someone with a good, steady hand. Lest your tattoo fantasy turn into a nightmare!

tattoos you should not get

12. Mysterious Girl

Do you really want someone staring at a part of your body and reading off a chapter from your life? Let’s keep some mystery alive, girls!

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06 May 2016

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