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What REALLY Shapes Your Relationship With Him?

What REALLY Shapes Your Relationship With Him?

Looking for that happily ever after? Well, it begins with you and how you treat the relationship that you are in right now. Everything – from your past to present state of mind to your future plans – factors into your current relationship. Keep these in mind and don’t let too many external aspects determine your future. Listen to your heart and let it guide your destiny!


1. What do you want…NOW?

Whether you are serious about your partner or are looking for a casual fling after a bad breakup… What you want will always have an impact on the bond you share with your partner – because that’s how you will reciprocate his feelings. Be sure he knows your expectations and acts accordingly.

2. Career and goals

Whether it’s a fast paced job (one that brings stress along) or a laidback one (which comes with some boredom), your profession affects your relationship. The amount of time you invest in each other, the kind of people you interact with at work – it all affects your state of mind and relationship with your partner. To make things work, don’t let work stress bottle up within – share your feelings with your mate.

2 things that impact your relationship

3. Right here, right now

The place that you are in in your life right now means a lot for your relationship. Have you bagged the perfect job? Are you living in your dream home? Do you have a plan in place to achieve everything you want? Even things like having a fallout with your best friend can become a precursor to the way you act towards your partner. If you’re in a particularly vulnerable or dissatisfied place in your life, it will have an effect on your relationship. Instead of worrying about issues all by yourself, involve your partner in your decisions and let him know that having him around actually helps you.

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4. Family first

Your family plays a pivotal role in your relationship throughout your life. How protective your parents are or what your siblings’ opinion of your life partner is – these are things that will always lie on the fringes of your relationship with your partner. While they know what’s good for you, you must know what’s best for you. Take their advice, but use it wisely.

4 things that impact your relationship

5. Past life saga

Depending on if it was an amicable parting or a rough break up, the scars left behind by your previous relationship can have an influence on your current one. Don’t have too many preconceived notions, and remember, no two people or no two times are the same. So do give credit where due to your current partner. Let bygones be bygones and don’t ever compare!

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05 May 2016

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