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Mummy Ke Side Effects: 10 Things EVERY Indian Daughter Will Get!

Mummy Ke Side Effects: 10 Things EVERY Indian Daughter Will Get!

All mothers fuss over their children…Indian mothers, perhaps a bit more so! And while we love the unique things that our mothers do to show us their affection, sometimes their ways can be a bit, um, brain-melting. So here are 10 things mothers do that you will totally relate to if you are an Indian girl!

1. The horror that is bound to ensue if you miss her phone call…

If she calls you up, you better make sure that you answer your phone. Every. Single. Time! Because if you manage to miss her calls three times in a row, she will call up every single person who has even the remotest chance of informing her about your whereabouts!1 things mothers do

2. But she never answers HER phone.

On the flipside, our mothers never answer their phones at one shot. The phone could be literally anywhere in the house, or she might have even forgotten to take it out of her handbag the entire day. But point this out to her, and you’re in trouble.

3. She has OCD when it comes to ghee.

Indian moms’ obsession with feeding us more and more ghee is real! Because for our mothers, more ghee = more love.


3 things mothers do

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4. There’s no way you can hit snooze on her.

Indian mothers have a different sense of time. Their clocks run at least half an hour earlier than those of us lesser mortals. So, if you ask her to wake you up in the wee hours of the morning to finish off that presentation or class assignment, she’ll make sure that you’re up and about even before sunrise!

5. The importance of making ‘gol rotis’.

Raise your hands if you have heard this at least once in your life, ‘Beta, you NEED to make round rotis. What will happen once you get married?’ Why, Ma? Why?! How is the shape of my rotis supposed to determine my compatibility with my would-be husband?5 things mothers do


6. She MAKES you talk to your distant relatives.

No matter how frantically you wave at her to NOT to make you talk to that relative of yours, your mom is going to make you speak and mingle. Because #sanskaar.

7. If she asks you to do something, you better make sure that you do it right there and then!

Otherwise she’ll do it herself and nothing can prepare you for the guilt-trip that follows.7 things mothers do

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8. Boyfriend? What boyfriend?!

Planning to introduce your boyfriend to your mother? Well, he’d better prepare himself for an onslaught of questions, ranging from his qualifications to his entire family tree to some extremely invasive questions, and of course, the essential ‘When are the two of you getting married?’ question.


9. She blames everything on your phone.

Scored less marks in your exams? ‘Aur raho poore time phone par.’

Have a headache? ‘I am going to throw out that phone of yours.’

Expressed any sort of discomfort whatsoever? ‘It is all because your hands are surgically attached to your phone.’

9 things mothers do


10. ‘Because I said so.’

So you thought that your logical arguments were bound to convince her to send you off on that weekend trip with your friends? If there is a resounding ‘No’, followed by what is the most powerful weapon available for our mothers, i.e., ‘Because I said so’ – you know that it means only one thing… End of discussion.

But no matter what she does or says, you know that she will always be there for you!

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29 Oct 2016

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