10 Mind-Blowingly Cool Products Your Bedroom Walls Need!

Srishti GuptaSrishti Gupta  |  Aug 3, 2017
10 Mind-Blowingly Cool Products Your Bedroom Walls Need!


Decorating your bedroom walls is the perfect way to add your own personal touch to your room. The walls are your canvas and you can paint them however you want. Here are 10 super cool and quirky products for your bedroom wall that’ll immediately spruce up your room.

1. 1. Magic Happens


This art print is for any girl who wants to add a pop of colour and a little bit of magic to her room and life. The colour and the little cupcakes are just perfect, don’t you think?

Price: ₹ 550. Buy it here.

2. 2. Triangulate It


Everyone needs a little bit of quirk in their lives and rooms. This triangle wall decal is perfect for someone who just is into minimalistic room decor and monochromes.

Price: ₹ 1890. Buy it here.

3. 3. Shelves, Shelves And More Shelves!


Some extra storage space is always welcome in our rooms, given the amount of stuff we have. This steel wall shelf can be mounted on the wall and house small decor items and photo frames. Just think about the space you’ll save!

Price: ₹ 1,338. Buy it here.

4. 4. Organised Mess


Wall banners are so pretty and can be hung anywhere in your room. And this one is the just the thing every girl with a messy room needs!

Price: ₹200. Buy it here.

5. 5. Bottle Up The Stars


We are totally digging this cute and colourful wall decal from Decal Design. It’ll add a whimsical, almost magical, touch to your room!

Price: ₹ 119. Buy it here.

6. 6. Butterfly-ing Beauty


We don’t really find butterflies in the city anymore, so why not add some to your room for a daily dose of prettiness and joy! It’ll only add oodles of charm to a boring wall.

Price: ₹ 215. Buy it here.

7. 7. Glitter Kids!


All of us unicorns need this frame in our rooms because it is a daily reminder of what is necessary in life – happiness and a bucketload of glitter.

Price: ₹ 600. Buy it here.

8. 8. Cage-d!


Nature lover, much? Just put up these decals on a plain wall to have your own personal garden within the confines of the bedroom. And aren’t those birds just adorable?

Price: ₹ 119. Buy it here.

9. 9. You’ve Been Framed


This set of 12 frames can be put up in an interesting pattern on a plain old wall and you can add pictures of all your favourite people. Two birds killed with one stone!

Price: ₹ 1,227. Buy it here.

10. 10. Rail Joint Shelves


Another set of shelves for that extra space! Plus, these are just perfect since they are shaped like railway tracks and will add an interesting twist to your room.

Price: ₹ 1,049. Buy it here.

Which one will you buy today?