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10 *Naughty* Gift Ideas For Your Long Distance Boyfriend!

10 *Naughty* Gift Ideas For Your Long Distance Boyfriend!

This story is updated in January 2019.

Being in a long distance relationship with your boo can be a bummer – not if, you let your creativity run wild. Remember, ladies, you’ve got to think of ways to spice things up. Distance is not an obstacle as long as you find the way to your man’s heart. Here are 10 naughty gift ideas for your long distance boyfriend. Just imagine how *hot* things are going get when he comes back into your arms.

An Erotic Love Letter

Love letters are most romantic gift that you can give to your boyfriend. Play with words and use them to seduce him. Let every sentence remind him of how much you want and miss his touch. Fuel his imagination by helping him create steamy scenarios in his mind. Pen down your deepest desires on paper in a poetic manner. We bet he’s going to fantasize about you all night long.

Send Him A Naughty Polaroid Picture Of You

Sending nudes via text is so passé… A much exciting way to send him those pictures of your gorgeous curves is to click one on a polaroid camera. Such a unique and special gift like that is something that he will treasure for life! Don’t be surprised if he uses the picture as a bookmark, because girl, that body looks so damn fine!

2 naughty gift ideas

A Sexy Lace Thong

The kinkier, the better, we say! Before sending it, spray your favourite perfume on it. That way, he won’t just be impressed with that beautiful piece of lingerie, but the scent will also make him crave for your body.

Striptease Over A Screen

You can either schedule a strip tease date or take him by surprise! Choosing the latter is a cooler option. Imagine the two of you having a dinner date over Skype, and suddenly, out of the blue, while making eye contact, you start unzipping, undressing and removing one piece of clothing at a time. (Hint: guys love it when they see women touch themselves. Go for it, tigress!)

4 naughty gift ideas

A USB With A Sizzling Playlist

Nothing turns a guy on more than listening to good music. Not the kind that he jams to, but the slow, soft numbers that help him relax and dream about you. Feel free to experiment and add lyrical videos and saucy clips on a USB that will help him stimulate his imagination.

Heart Shaped Chocolates

Dark chocolates are sinfully delicious. Gift your man a box of these treats and he will have naughty thoughts about you with every bite. If chocolate doesn’t satisfy his taste buds, you can always spoil him with some candy.

6 naughty gift ideas

Sensual Comic Strips

Is doodling your thing? Great! You can use your talent to create the sexiest gift for your long distance boyfriend! Come up with a sexy plot, a killer storyline and get sketching! Trust us, he will not only appreciate your drawing skills, but he’ll also get super impressed with the thought you put into this.

A Love Coupon Book

Why buy one when you make one? Yes, ladies, all you need is coloured pens and paper. The key here is to cut the paper into tiny rectangles, make fake love coupons and bind them up into a tiny booklet. Get wild, get crazy and write kinky stuff like ‘5 minute virtual quickie session’, ‘hot shower pictures’, ‘sexting with voice notes’.

8 naughty gift ideas

A Gift Hamper Of All Things Sexy

When putting a hamper together, go all out! Rose petals, handcuffs, love notes, pictures of yourself in skimpy clothing, a bottle of wine, bath salts and chocolates – all these will surely bring a smile on his face.

Pastries With Graphic Designs On Them

Just like you get those erotic bachelorette pastries, you could always have one delivered to your boyfriend’s doorstep. Check designs like thongs, boobs, bikinis… Even sexy messages on the cake work fantastically well! Not only is it visually pleasing, every slice of that chocolate cake will bring sweet memories of you.

10 naughty gift ideas

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24 Mar 2017

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