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#LiftedAndGifted: Here Are 5 Natural Ways To Keep Your Breasts Firm And Perky

#LiftedAndGifted: Here Are 5 Natural Ways To Keep Your Breasts Firm And Perky

Everyone wants firm, perky and shapely breasts. Unfortunately, numerous factors, some beyond your control can cause your breasts to sag over time. Hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, rapid weight loss or gain, exercise, nutritional deficiencies, poor bra habits are just some reasons. This also happens especially with age, once you hit 40 your breasts naturally reach their sagging cycle. If you are concerned about your boobs sagging, and it’s normal if you are… There are a few natural ways through which you can prevent sagging, keep reading!

1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach is one of the main reasons for sagging breasts. Sleeping with all of your body weight on your chest causes your boobs to get squished and out of shape. Try to sleep on your back, it’s good for your posture too.


2. Wear the right bra.

sagging breasts boobs internal girl in a bikini on a beach

Now I mean wear the right kind and the right sized bra. Depending on your bust size, you could decide whether you need to wear an underwired bra for support. Women with larger breasts should always consider wearing a bra. I know this will be hard for when you are relaxing at home, but try to find a loose fitting bra that’s comfortable enough to be worn through the day. Look for a bra that really fits you perfectly and supports your breasts without being too tight.


3. Massage.

Try to massage your breasts every day with olive oil. The oil massage will help hydrate the skin and keep the elasticity intact.

4. Try to exercise regularly.

Working out regularly targets the breast tissue and muscles around your chest. There are a few exercises that help keep your breasts and the skin around them firm and intact. A few yoga poses like the Chakrasana and Ustrasana. Exercises like pushups, chest press, arm raises also help tighten up your chest muscles.


5. Put a mask on it.

sagging breasts boobs internal egg whites in a bowl

A mask made of egg whites works to tighten up the skin around your breasts. Whisk up an egg white until its foamy and apply it on your breasts. Wash it off with cold water after about 30 minutes.


A fenugreek mask also helps tighten up and firm the skin around your breasts. Take a paste of fenugreek powder and water and massage your breasts with it for 10 minutes. Leave it on as a mask for a few minutes if you.

There you have it, simple and easy ways to make your boobs look better, perkier and firmer!


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30 May 2018
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