how to prevent shoe bites

7 Useful Tips To Deal & Prevent Painful Shoe Bites

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Bought the dream heels of your life and guess what? You ended up with a shoe bite. Isn’t life unfair? We’ve all had countless instances where we bought a new pair of shoes and wore it to work the next day, only to come back home with sore feet and a pedicure gone waste. It’s happened to all of us and it’s not nice having a shoe bite ruin your mood or outfit.

Here are 7 best shoe bite solutions to relieve you from the pain.

7 Ways to Prevent Shoe Bites

1. Freeze Them

The reason a shoe bite happens is generally because the shoe is either too tight or the material of the shoe is a little stiff. A simple solution to this kind of shoe bite is to fill a ziplock bag with water, push it inside the shoe and freeze it. As the water freezes, the shoes expand, making it easier for you to wear them whenever you decide to!

2. Vaseline It!

2 how to prevent shoe bites

Never thought this little pot of jelly could come in handy for this purpose? A bottle of Vaseline can help reduce the friction that’s caused between the back of your foot and the shoe. Apply a generous amount on the area that’s causing you an itch or irritation. Let it dry for two minutes or so, slip your feet in and walk without any shoe bite pain!

3. Potato Juice

You won’t believe the benefits of this until you try it. It’s one of the best home remedies to cure and prevent shoe bites. Just cut a potato into thick slices and rub one on the heel of your foot and the bridge of your ankle. The juice acts as an antiseptic that reduces inflammation and helps cure sore feet and bruises.

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4. Put Some Powder

4 how to prevent shoe bites

Shoe bites are often caused because of excessive sweating and perspiration. If this is the case, just put some powder on your feet, and they will remain dry and fresh. Talcum powder also helps reduce any burning or tingling sensation that you may feel after a shoe bite.

5. Blow It Out

You can prevent a shoe bite from happening by applying a little heat on the shoes. Stuff some socks inside your pair of heels and blow dry them till your socks are hot. The heat gets trapped in the socks, which, when released slowly, opens the shoe up and makes it more comfortable.

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6. Coconut Oil

6 how to prevent shoe bites

Popularly called the magic oil, this oil truly helps wave away every kind of pain. From dandruff to cooking to beauty benefits, the humble coconut oil can do it all. Just apply some around the areas of your leg that are broader and where your slippers are bound to cut. One of the most effective and also a natural solution for a shoe bite.

7. Band-Aid

The easiest way out! Whenever you get a shoe bite, just stick on a band-aid on the edges of your shoe or on the bruised area of your feet. You can also stick on brown tape if you’ve run out of band-aids.

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Published on Jul 29, 2016
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