8 Simple Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Fantastic!

8 Simple Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Fantastic!
Whatever their shape and size, what girl doesn’t want gorgeous looking breasts? We give you a few simple things you could do to make your boobs look pretty fantastic. Start doing these things today to fall in love with your beautiful babies like never before. After all, they are one of your biggest assets!

1. Sleep On Your Back To Keep Them Wrinkle-Free

make your boobs look good

2. Sunscreen And Moisturizer For Your Chest

Don’t forget about your chest when moisturizing after a shower to keep your boobs soft and skin glowing. Also, you know how delicate your skin is in that area, naturally your chest needs sun protection too. Don’t skip this area when lathering on the sunscreen, especially if you’re spending a long time outdoors.

3. Baby Powder In Your Bra

make your boobs look good

Apply a bit of baby powder inside your bra to prevent rashes, redness, blotchiness and irritation on your delicates on a sweaty day or before a workout. This will help save you from plenty of discomfort. You can also try using deodorant in your bra too, but since the area is extra sensitive, baby powder is a safer option.

4. The Power Of A Push-Up Bra

If you want to have phenomenal looking breasts you definitely need to get your hands on a trusty push-up bra. A well-fitting one can magically make your chest look perkier, firmer and overall amazing. You don’t need to wear a low-cut top to wear one - and yes, big-chested girls should also try one.


5.  Get Your Blood Rushing

make your boobs look good

Amp up the blood circulation in your boobs by applying hot and cold water in the shower to keep them firm forever. Also, gently massaging them often helps get the blood pumping and keeping them healthy and looking fantastic.

6. Stand Up Straight

Your posture plays a huge role in how great your boobs looks. Stand up straight, tall and proud to look more confident, for your breasts to look perky and to appear taller and slimmer.

7. It’s All About The Bra

make your boobs look good

We don’t need to tell you the importance of well-fitting bra. Get your bra size checked every 6 months to ensure you’re wearing the right one that gives optimum support to your twins. Also, if you haven’t already, then get yourself a couple of sports bras. You should not even think of doing any form of exercise without the extra support of a sports bra - yes, even if you’re an A-cup. Keeping your bras clean goes without saying for the health of your chest.

8. Cosmetics For Your Cleavage

Who said your makeup had to be limited to your neck-upwards? A touch of highlighter or bronzer can really give you some bombshell cleavage. Put on your bra (a push-up would enhance this effect) and then brush some on to the upper, fleshy parts and blend in. This will help give a curvier illusion as the light hits your chest in a super subtle way. Add a touch of bronzer down the centre to add even more depth to your killer cleavage. The boys won’t know what hit them!

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