#MyStory: My Wedding Night Didn’t Exactly Go As Planned…

AnonymousAnonymous  |  May 5, 2016
#MyStory: My Wedding Night Didn’t Exactly Go As Planned…

Getting married is fun. All the dancing, the attention, the masti, the clothes and the drama. I loved my wedding. I was the first in my friends circle to get hitched. After a year-long engagement, I was so ready to seal the deal. I had been dating my fiancée for almost 18 months. We had pretty much done everything except “it”. The wedding night was a big deal for both of us.

The pheras finished and the vidaai happened, I was a mess of emotions. I had laughed at my mom when she said, “Don’t cry at the vidaai, okay?” I was never going to cry, I’d thought – I was in love, marrying the man of my dreams. But just as the sad songs began, my eyes started watering. My now-husband looked at me totally bewildered. In the car, driving away from the wedding venue, he held on to my hand, his thumb massaging my palm gently. “I love you,” he whispered. I was an odd mixture of sad and happy. We got to his house and the games began. By now I was exhausted. But his sisters and cousins were so excited. They could not get over their new bhabhi.

Finally, it was time to leave. He had booked a swanky suite in a five star hotel as we did not want kaaki and maasi knowing exactly we were up to. We left the house. I was excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. Tonight was the night we were finally going to do it! I knew it was a cliché, but I was a virgin still after all. For the occasion, I had packed a sexy lingerie set in my overnight bag.

wedding night

We checked into the hotel – we could not stop giggling. I’m pretty sure the guy at the reception knew exactly what we would be up to tonight. We got into the lift. He was looking at me like he couldn’t wait anymore. He began kissing me the moment we entered the suite.

It was pitch-dark, so we fumbled for the light switch. The moment the lights came on, we heard a loud “Surprise!!” ALL my cousins were there! Years of pulling such tricks on my newly married cousins had come back to haunt me. My cousins wanted to party (and to tease us mercilessly). We got drinks in. Someone put on music. It was a cheesy Bollywood playlist. We threatened, bribed, begged them to leave. They finally did. By now it was almost 4 a.m.

I stepped into the shower to freshen up and lose the 2 kilos of makeup and the gazillion bobby pins in my hair. I stepped out of the shower wearing the robe, my sexy lingerie underneath. He was waiting by the window. I walked towards him – in my head I was doing a sexy striptease. He turned around and smiled.

Just as I was about to tug open the robe, an alarm clock rang. And another. And then another. My silly cousins had hidden alarm clocks all over the suite, all set to go off at different times! My phone pinged. I had a text: “Mazaa aaya?!!!” I wanted to kill my cousins.  

By now the sun was almost rising. We looked at each other, we were beyond exhausted. “Tomorrow?” he said, sheepishly. I said yes. We got into bed I snuggled up to him.

It was my wedding night. And I managed to hold on to my virginity!

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