#CoochieCoo: 12 Kinds Of Couples EVERYONE Knows!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
#CoochieCoo: 12 Kinds Of Couples EVERYONE Knows!


That’s the thing about couples – they’re all around you! Whether they are making cutesy noises or arguing at the top of their voices or even running all over the place with their train of kids, they usually manage to get all eyes on them! Which is why we’re sure that these 12 kinds of couples are people you must have seen and known – all too often – in your life!

1. The First-And-Last-Love Couple

Oh, the envy of the couple world! They are the proud “first and last” to each other, and often play agony uncle-aunty to all other lovers. But the mere sight of them together makes you believe in true love that lasts a lifetime!

kinds of couples 1

2. The Invisible Couple

This couple fell in love and vanished. Into thin air. Just like that. They abandoned their friends, exited all social activities and went into a kind of incognito mode – away from the world. It’s ONLY their pictures together that often remind you of their existence.

3. The So-Bored Couple

Their honeymoon phase is SO over. As to why they are still together – well choose your pick from convenience, habit or just complacence. Their time together is more “silent” than “quiet”, and they are too bored to even fight over it.

kinds of couples 3

4. The “Satisfied” Couple

That glow on her face and that jump in his step have a story to tell – their sex life is great! This couple is so “well sexed” that they often give everyone around them the hots. They are usually in great spirits AND shape and ready to sneak out with their partner always. *Jealous*

5. The Friends-With-Benefits Couple

They like “hanging out” at home together, get it? But on a serious note, we know that they know that EVERYBODY knows that they aren’t quite together together. Whatever it may be – commitment issues or an open, casual relationship – these two are together as much for fun as for those, uh, “benefits”.

kinds of couples 5

6. The We’re-JUST-Friends Couple

Often everybody around this couple knows that they are either going to end up together – or secretly already are – even though both of them claim to be just-friends. This couple is either in denial, or scared to make the relationship public.

7. The One-Sided Couple

One of them is madly, deeply and evidently in love with the other – and, well, the other is either blind to this love or simply not interested. You can’t help but feel bad for both of them, and wish they’d each soon find someone they deserve.

kinds of couples 7

8. The LOUD Couple

This couple fights ALL THE TIME and does not even shy away from making the arguments public. They are difficult to be around and you often feel a little embarrassed by all their loud-bickering.

9. The LDR Couple

You will find both the partners sharing an intense affair with their phone in this relationship. These love-birds coordinate their time, place and schedule to keep in touch with each other every day. Now that’s commitment!

kinds of couples 9

10. The Puppy-Love Couple

That one couple who is always cooing sweet nothings to each other and is high on the roothna manana drama factor. You’ll find them tucked away in metro station corners and college corridors – holding hands and giggling and making cutesy noises.

11. The Just-Married Couple

They’re quite well dressed – what with all that recent trousseau shopping – but just can’t wait to undress! You know, newly married and in the honeymoon stage of their relationship – can’t really keep their eyes or hands off each other. Aww, so sweet – now go get a room!

kinds of couples 11

12. The Looooooong-Term Couple

They have lived a life together, and nobody in their world can imagine them living without the other! This couple is #RelationshipGoals. <3

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