Holi 2021: Let’s Find Out The Real Significance Of This Colourful Festival!

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holi date 2021

As we grow old, festivals don’t feel like how they used to when we were kids, right? We change…our preferences change…our style of celebrating changes. Well, we feel like more than these changes it is about relevance and how well we associate with our favourite festivals. 

Of course, we have been celebrating these festivals all this while because we take a certain pride in our culture. And that is why we need to stay in touch with our cultural roots and know the real essence of these festivals to enjoy them in their true spirit. 

Now, Holi is just around the corner. And from playing around with colours to meeting the loved ones and eating lots of gujiya, who doesn’t love Holi? However, we do feel like adding a little more colour to your Holi celebrations this year by helping you with a quick reminder of its significance. Excited about Holi? From Holi date 2021 to Holi significance, here’s everything that you need to know about this beautiful festival.

Holi Date & Time

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The festival of Holi actually spreads across three days in India consisting of Holi, Dhulandi, and Bhai Dooj. The first day of Holi is when we do the main puja, offer our prayers, and participate in Holika Dahan. The second day i.e. Dhulandi is the day when we actually play Holi with colours and visit our loved ones. The third day i.e. Bhai Dooj is when sisters visit their brothers or invite them over for a meal, do some rituals, and get gifts and blessings in return. 

Out of these three, the first day is specifically celebrated as per an auspicious muhrat. 28th March is the Holi date for 2021 and the auspicious muhrat for Holi Puja would be between 06:54 PM to 09:14 PM. 

History of Holi

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Holi’s history is as colourful as the festival itself. The festival finds its roots in folklore that varies from region to region. The festival falls on full moon day in the month of Phalgun as per the Hindu calendar. It marks the arrival of the spring season in India. The festival is thus celebrated aptly with lots of colours and joyous game playing. Over the past decades, the festival has been given a richer significance through the means of folklore thus making it all about love, goddess, and new beginnings. 

Significance Of Holi

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As fun as it is to celebrate Holi with myriad colours and sweets, the festival has a significance way more profound than that. Here’ everything you need to know about Holi and Holika Dahan’s significance: 

Story Behind Holi

The story behind Holi revolves around the legend of a powerful king named Hiranyakashipu. He was a demon, infamous for his cruelty, and superiority complex. He thought of himself as a mighty ruler and somebody who deserved to be worshipped like God. Blinded by his conceit, he actually ordered his subjects to treat him like God and stop worshipping any other Gods in general. However, his own son Prahalad turned out to be a staunch worshipper of Lord Vishnu, who refused to worship Hiranyakashipu and continued worshipping Lord Vishnu despite all the protests from his father. Angered by his disobedience, he attempted to kill his son. However, every time Prahlad was saved somehow by divine intervention. Tired of this all, he then turned to his evil sister Holika to help him with the task. Holika had a boon that made her immune to fire. She thus hatched a plan of making him sit with her in the fire. Unfettered and unafraid of death, Prahlad decided to pray to his God as they caught fire. To everyone’s surprise, Holika’s boon soon became ineffective because of her evil intentions and while she ended up turning into ashes, it was effectively transferred to Prahalad who came out unscathed from the fire.  

Mythological & Cultural Significance Of Holi

As apparent from Holika Dhawan’s history, the first day of Holi is celebrated for the victory of good over evil. It is the celebration of humanity, love, resilience, and humility. Of course, the festival can have its own significance and value for you too. For instance, you can make it the day when you do away with all the negativity and bad habits and give yourself the promise of a better, happier life. Holika Dahan’s significance in 2021 is all the more profound for all of us given the challenges that all of us had to face in the year of the pandemic.

How To Celebrate Holi

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Now, that we have answered why we celebrate Holi, we can perhaps talk about the actual celebrations maybe? But before that, we urge you to keep in mind that the pandemic very much persists and the wisest thing would be to stay safe this Holi. That said, here are some fun ideas to celebrate Holi this year:

  • You can connect with your friends and family over a video call and play some games. 
  • You can cook and make lots of delicious sweets so that it feels Holi even without the actual celebrations. 
  • You can totally have mini celebrations within the family and apply colours to each other.


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