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Love Shiny Digits? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Getting Nail Extensions!

Love Shiny Digits? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Getting Nail Extensions!

There’s SO much you can do to express yourself with your nails. Seriously, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than looking down upon a set of well-manicured, long, glossy nails. Nail extensions are perfect if you want to rock the latest nail trends and have your digits do the talking! 


There are a million styles you can pick and choose. Chrome, unicorn, holographic, glitter and matte manicures are pretty trendy right now. But before you take the plunge here’s everything you need to know about nail extensions.

Most salons have 2 types of nail extensions; gel nail extensions and acrylic nail extensions. 

Gel nail extensions are created using a gel polish. An artificial nail may be glued to your nail to add length. The gel nail polish is then painted over the entire nail surface and cured under a UV lamp.  

Acrylic nail extensions are created using a liquid base. A powder polymer is mixed with a liquid to create a gel that is brushed on to form a layer on your nail. The gel hardens when it is exposed to air so you need not to cure this type of manicure under a UV lamp. The gel is applied to either your own nail or a fake nail for added length.  

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We recommend gel extensions over acrylic ones. Acrylic nail extensions don’t allow the nail bed to be able to breathe making the nails brittle and weak. 


Nail extensions are very durable and long-lasting. They are great for adding length and drama to your digits.

– The manicure won’t chip or fade (unless you’re the princess of all things clumsy.) You can easily extend the life of a single manicure up to 4 weeks.

– If you get bored easily, you can always paint over the extensions using regular nail polish! (Psst: There’s an easy undo option too, use nail polish remover to take off the nail polish and your extensions beneath will be every bit shiny and unharmed.) 

– Nail extensions are a great way to break bad habits like nail biting!

– A good manicure will last you upto 30 days and is likely to last through the party season, your wedding and even your honeymoon! 

Honestly, we can’t think of a good reason to stop you from bedazzling those digits.

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– Nail extensions are addictive! You can totally get used to having fancy, shiny, glamorous tips that are Pin-worthy.

– The upkeep is expensive. You need to hit the nail salon every now and then. A set of gel nails can cost you anywhere between Rs 1,000-3,000. A removal session costs anywhere between Rs 300-500.

– The extensions can damage your nails if not done correctly, choose a salon who has experienced technicians. 

Here are some really cute designs for inspiration for that next mani!


05 Jan 2018

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