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Manicure Musts: The RIGHT Way To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home!

Manicure Musts: The RIGHT Way To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home!

It’s almost the end of January, and by now, the wedding and festive season is coming to a cool end. Those massive parties are over and with that, so are your acrylic nails that you got done before the season began. Let’s take a moment to appreciate what they once looked like, because I’m sure they are a hot mess now and in dire need to be removed. That’s exactly what we’re going to address today. There are different ways to remove these nails, so let’s begin with the most obvious.

Get professional help

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Nothing is better than getting your acrylic nails taken off by a professional. They have the buffing tools that safely and effectively remove the nails without too much damage to the cuticle or your nail. Additionally, you can get a new set of nails done at the same appointment, if you’re so inclined. French manicure or a nice muted tone colour is always classy. Alternatively, remove them completely and let your nails rest for a good 2 weeks to a month, so they’re back to normal.

Removing acrylics with acetone

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If you are more inclined towards a DIY at home then you could look at removal with acetone.

You will need:

1. Nail Clipper

2. Acetone

3. Cotton squares or balls

4. Aluminium foil

5. Nail File or buffer

6. Cuticle oil

7. Top coat

There is little prep work required, and you will need a little patience, because getting these nails off isn’t going to be easy. But you will have clean, smooth nails in the end.

1. Before you begin, clip your nails till they are really short.

2. Make 10 square sheets from your aluminium foil, about 4X4 inches in size. Keep those ready.

3. In another airtight bottle, put in some cotton balls/pad and pour in acetone till completely soaked. Close the lid and set aside.

4. Take your nail file and buff down the top coat and any colour that you have on your nail, till you can see only the clear acrylic layer. This will take a while, depending on how thick the acrylics are. Stay with it, put on your favourite Netflix series, while you file away.

5. After you’ve filed down the nail as much as possible. Put an acetone soaked cotton ball over your nail and wrap with the aluminium foil. Do this for all nails, making sure the aluminium foil is tightly wrapped around each finger to lock as much acetone in.

6. After 20-35 mins, pull the foil, the nail should come off with it revealing your actual nail.

7. If there is a little glue left over, put more acetone onto the cotton, and further soak for another 10 mins. Then buff down with a file

8. After this procedure, your fingertips will look dry due to the acetone. We suggest applying gentle cuticle oil or hand cream to keep your hands nourished.

9. After the oil has absorbed, use a nice clear top coat polish to bring back some shine to the nails.

Removing acrylic nails with acetone and warm water

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While the pure acetone technique is the most effect for home-removal, it can be a little harsh especially on sensitive skin. This next one is a bit more mild but does the trick.

You will need:

1. Acetone

2. Orange Sticks

3. Nail Clippers

4. Warm water

5. One large size bowl.

6. One medium size bowl, that will fit inside the large bowl

7. Cuticle Oil

8. Tweezers

The idea behind this method is to soak your acrylic nails long enough that they eventually come off.

1. Cut your nails as short as possible with the nail clipper.

2. At the base of the acrylic nail, with the orange stick, pry open the nail from your cuticle, so that the acetone can get under the acrylic nail.

3. Fill the medium size bowl with acetone and the large size bowl with warm/hot water.

4. Put the medium size bowl into the large bowl, this allows the acetone to warm up a bit, which aids in the removal process

5. Dip your fingers in the acetone and soak for a good 30 to 40 minutes.

6. Check your nails after 40 minutes, the nail should be ready to come off, when pulled with a tweezer. If you still feel like the nail needs more time, repeat the above steps and try again in another 20 minutes.

7. Remove the nail completely and apply some cuticle oil.

The above two methods can also be done using acetone free nail polish remover. If you feel like you really don’t want to use the harsh substance, simply swap it for an acetone-free remover. The only issue with those is that they tend to dry up quickly and would require more product during the soaking process. Additionally, it isn’t as strong and will require longer soak periods to get through the many acrylic layers.

Removing acrylic nails with a nail file

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If you’re not keen on using any nail polish removers, then the most logical way to do it, is with good quality nail files.

You will need:

1. Professional nail files

2. Orange Sticks

3. Nail Clippers

4. Cuticle scissors

5. Cuticle oil

6. Top coat Polish

It’s a bit of hard work, but with a little elbow grease, your acrylics will come off without the use of any chemicals – now that’s a big plus.

1. Clips the nails as short as possible

2. Start to file down the nail in long strokes, make sure to use a file that is at the higher side of the rough scale.

3. File till you start to feel like you’ve hit your actual nail. Make sure to not file down further.

4. If you notice some residue, use a softer buffer file and buff gently till the last bit of the acrylics are finally gone

5. Once the nail is gone, the glue could remain, using the orange stick, scrap off the glue as best you can.

6. Add some cuticle oil and then apply a top coat after half an hour.

These are the best ways in which to take your nails off, there are others, but they can be painful and not effective. The ones listed above are tried and tested and work best if you can’t get yourself to a nail spa.

Do let us know if you have any better methods to remove your acrylics nails, we’d love to hear it!

Published on Jan 27, 2018
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