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Get Your Monthly Mani Fix At These Fab Nail Salons In Mumbai

Get Your Monthly Mani Fix At These Fab Nail Salons In Mumbai

Going to the salon and getting a manicure has become so much more than just dipping your nails in some warm water and topping them off with a clear coat. If you're anything like us, we're HOOKED onto our monthly gel manicure. We're all about those nail extensions, gel nail polish and the acrylic nails. TBH, coffin nails are my personal favourite. There's something so sultry about them. Having perfectly manicured digits is just as important as finding that perfect highlighter!

There's nothing sexier than a woman who has it all figured out right? Your hands make just about as much of a first impression as the rest of your body. So don't neglect them and show them a little TLC every now and then. If you're wondering where to get your nails done in Mumbai, you've clicked on the right post! We don't want you to settle for anything but the best. If you've ever spent a day in Mumbai, you know just HOW many salons are around every corner. We're going to help you pick salons that we've personally tried, tested and loved to get your digits and your life, on-point.

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Nail Salons In Mumbai

A place that offers expertise, value for money and good service is a pretty hard combination of things to come around. These nail salons in Mumbai offer the BEST nail spa services and you won't be disappointed. They combine experience, professionalism and keep up with all of the latest nail trends globally.

The Average Price Point

A manicure at these salons ranges anywhere between Rs 400 to Rs 4,000. Typically gel nail polish costs upwards or Rs 1,000 and gel nail extensions would set you back by approximately Rs 2,500. Every salon has different prices and different types/designs of gel manicures vary in prices too.

For eg., A chrome manicure would cost you a lot more than a classic french manicure. Be sure to check before you begin to avoid any surprises later!

1. Jean Claude Biguine (JCB)

nails 1


JCB brings international expertise to India through all their beauty and grooming services. While their services are on the steeper side price wise, you know that they will use the best quality products and you'll be at par with the latest global trends. JCB salons are located all over Mumbai. Here are some of the locations: Bandra, Chembur, Colaba, Malad, Juhu, Lower Parel, Kemps Corner and Lokhandwala.

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 1,000. 

2. Nail Spa

nails 2


Nail Spa Experience is one of the most relaxing places I've gotten my nails done at. Check em' out at Colaba, Breach Candy, Khar, Bandra, Oshiwara, Lokhandwala and Powai.

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 650, while their gel manicures start at Rs 1700. 

3. Glory Salon

nails 3


Probably one of my most frequented places to get my nails done, Glory salon has always been a pleasant experience. The team is well trained, super quick and very talented. They've got all the fancy nail art, rhinestones, studs, metallics and chromes. If you're ever in the mood for an OTT mani you need to come here. They're located in Bandra and Juhu.

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 500, while their gel manicures start at Rs 1,150. 

4. Paintbox

paint box

Paintbox is a quaint salon located in Bandra, they've got an Insta profile that is totally inspiration worthy. Drop by if you're in the mood for an awesome mani!  

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 450, while their gel manicures start at Rs 1,650.

5. Kavi’s Nail Care

nails 5


Located in Santacruz and frequented by a few B-town celebs, Kavi's nail care has a client list you're going to want to bump into. If you live around the area, check them out. Maybe you'll end up being starstruck. *wink*

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 700, while their gel manicures start at Rs 1,930.

6. A'Kreations Hair & Beyond Luxury Salon 



Located in Bandra at Waterfield road, this fancy little salon offers you annual packages. So if you're a Page 3 socialite or take personal grooming VERY seriously, this could work out to be an amazing investment (in yourself). Oh, and did I forget to mention they have some great nail services too? 

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 750, while their gel manicures start at Rs 1,110.

7. Tip & Toe

nails 6


Tip & Toe specialize in... you guessed it right, nails! They're located at Bandra, Juhu, Malad and Napensea Road. If you're looking for a regular manicure, no gel polish and nail extensions, Tip & Toe have some really fun nail colours you may want to check out. 

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 750, while their gel manicures start at Rs 2,050.

 8. La Bella Nail Studio

nails 7


If you're a very busy lady but still love your gel manicures, this salon offers at home manicures all over Mumbai! I'm definitely giving them a shoutout next weekend. I think this would also be a great way to bond with your besties on a girls day-in!  

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 800, while their gel manicures start at Rs 900

9. Krystal Salon

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Whether it's glitter nails, acrylic nail art, gel polish, or chrome nails, you can get whatever you want for your nails at Krystal Salon. It's situated at Khar and you find the staff of beauticians to be trained and experienced. Plus, the place is super clean and hygienic. 

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 450, while their gel manicures start at Rs 600.

10. Bling Dry Bar Nail Spa & Salon

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If you want to pamper yourself in luxury, you must visit this nail spa in Bandra west ASAP! The place looks so grand and clean, you'd want to spend the whole day at this spa. After getting your nails done, you can even try a new haircut or treat yourself to a massage. It all boils down to what you want. Happy manicure ladies.

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 600, while their gel manicures start at Rs 1,200.

11. Nail Koutour 

nail koutour


From all the nail spas mentioned on this list, this spa looks the cutest! Situated in South Bombay, the services from this spa are rewarding. What's interesting is that it's not just for adults, but young girls can come in with their friends or their mothers and get a nail makeover. 

Their basic manicure starts at Rs 900, while their gel manicures start at Rs 1,400.

This story was updated in March 2019.

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Published on Feb 26, 2019
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