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#RealGirlHacks: Super Creative Ways To Rescue A Chipped Manicure Instantly!

#RealGirlHacks: Super Creative Ways To Rescue A Chipped Manicure Instantly!

There is a certain sense of euphoria about walking out of the salon with freshly manicured nails. However, that feeling quickly disappears when you unexpectedly chip a nail - You feel me right? We have a few tricks up our sleeves to combat a chipped manicure and we’d love to share them with you!

1. High tea please

1 chipped manicure - triton nail glue

By now you’ve probably seen a couple of videos floating around the internet with the tea bag technique. Well it’s a failsafe for when you’ve really done a number and broken off a bit of your nail. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Empty out a tea bag and tear off a tiny bit of the bag. Tearing is important; do not cut, as that causes visible lines that will show up under your nail paint.

Step 2: Apply a bit of nail glue to your nail and with some tweezers apply that bit of tea bag onto the chipped/ cracked part of the nail. The patch will absorb the glue and harden over the crack to strengthen the nail. Allow it to dry.

Step 3: Once dry buff it down slightly to get rid of any ridges and then apply a clear top coat.

Step 4: Finish off with your favourite nail colour.

Step 5: Remember this is a temporary solution, allow the nail to grow and then go back for a manicure!

Hold it together with the Triton Nail Glue (Rs 349).

2. Fake it till you make it

2 chipped manicure - fingrprints press on nails

If your nail has chipped really bad and you can’t get to the salon in time before your date, then there is only one thing to do – press on fake nails. This might not work over acrylic gel nails, but if you have natural nails that have chipped or cracked then we suggest getting a French manicure or funky pattern fake nail set that will save the day. They are easy to put on and will look a million times better than what is really going on!

Cover it up with the Fingrprints Runway Ready Press on Nails (Rs 1,287).

3. Bling it out

3 chipped manicure - nails and more art wheel

Another great way to camouflage chipped nail paint is to hide them with bling. Yes, you heard us right; we know your inner glitter girl is screaming with joy right now. Get yourself a nail bling box with assorted rhinestones and glitter so then when you have a chip, you can simple apply some nail glue and pop some bling to cover it up.

Bling it on with Nails & More Nail Art Wheel (Rs 270).

4. Cover it up

4 chipped manicure - maybellinecolor show nail paint

Dark nail paint to the rescue! The easiest way to cover up chipped nail paint is to apply a thin layer of the darkest polish you have. Always carry a lovely plum, oxblood red or deep brown colour in your handbag, you know, just to be safe.

Maybelline New York, Color Show Big apple nail paint - Juicy Red (Rs 145) to the rescue!

5. Show some TLC

5 chipped manicure - ciate london

If you’ve been having a hectic week and your nails are looking brittle and showing the most wear and tear, then it’s best to give them a break rather than trying and find a fixer-upper. Remove all your polish, cut your nails and apply some nail hardener. This will hydrate, strengthen and help your nails grow all while keeping them looking healthy and clean.

Give your talons a breather with Ciate London Nail Super Hero Nail Hardener (Rs 1170).

6. Moisturize

6 chipped manicure - sally hansen cuticle oil

Whether you’ve been biting the skin around your nails due to stress or just have dry skin, there is nothing worse than perfect nails and horrid looking cuticles. The easiest way to get beautiful looking hands and nails in this case is using some nail and cuticle oil. Massage your hands with this oil two or three times a week and you’ll see a huge difference.

Some TLC for your cuticles with Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and cuticle oil (Rs 540).

7. Don’t spoil my foil!

7 chipped manicure - nail more nail foil

We love mirror and metallic nails, so when you have a chipped nail, why not cover it up with some fantastic super reflective foils. They are easy to use and will cover up any nail sin! Plus if you’re feeling adventurous you can even do some cute nail art.

Go nuts with the Nail & More Nail Foil (Rs 170).

8. Cut it all off

8 chipped manicure - elite manicure kit

When it’s beyond saving, your best bet is to cut your nails short and trim any dry skin around the nails. You’d rather your nails look healthy than chipped or broken. Invest in a good at home nail kit, with all the essentials like a file, clipper and cuticle clipper. It’s a simple way to maintain your nails till you get an appointment at your favourite nail salon.

Elite Models Travel Manicure Kit (Rs 599) is all you need!

9. Get stronger Nails

9 chipped manicure - muscle xp multivitamin

Don’t just find ways to rescue a manicure, work on strengthening your nails instead. The reason why so many women suffer from brittle nails that crack is because of a lack of vitamins. Taking a supplement every day and eating your dose of healthy veggies helps from the inside out. Biotin is making a big splash these days as it promotes growth of both nails and hair. So why not ask your doctor to prescribe a biotin supplement for you.

Get your daily vita dose with Muscle XP Hair Skin and Nails Complete MultiVitamin (Rs 1,348).

10. When in doubt, wipe it off

10 chipped manicure - colorbar nail paint remover

If you’re like me, you’ve probably done this a number of times - walked out of the salon, put your hand in your purse to get your car keys, gotten into your car to go home and realised that in doing all of that you’ve smudged your nail paint and your manicure looks like a hot mess. Going back to the salon isn’t an option so you get into your nail kit and find your trusty nail polish remover. Yes, I know you feel my pain! However, paint free nails are better than smudged and chipped ones. Stay away from very strong nail polish removers and find one that is acetone free.

Keep it clean with Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover – Dark Chocolate (Rs 250).

Featured Image: Shutterstock

Published on Sep 17, 2017
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