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Sparkle & Shine: Here’s How You Can Make A Glitter Peel Off Mask, At Home!

Sparkle & Shine: Here’s How You Can Make A Glitter Peel Off Mask, At Home!

Face masks are always in high demand, no matter what part of the world you are in. Even in quarantine, people are busy raiding their kitchen, making DIY face masks and taking selfies. And if you’re a someone who gets a *glittergasm* every time you lay eyes on something sparkly, then this one’s for you ✨

Global skincare brand, Glamglow changed the way we see the ‘boring’ peel-off face masks by adding a pop of glitter to them. These iconic glitter masks are loved by everyone. Even if they don’t do much, are insanely expensive, they are incredibly ‘Gram-friendly. 

Considering that not all of us want to shell out that kind of cash every month, we thought we’d try to DIY! 

Here’s how you can make a custom glitter peel-off mask at home, without spending any extra money.

DIY Glitter Peel Off Mask

This takes just 5 minutes to make!

You’ll need:

– Any peel-off mask

– Glitter chunks

– Loose glitter

– A clean workstation

– Bowl & a brush to apply the mask

 Now let’s get this (glitter) party started!

Step 1: In a bowl, pour out a generous amount of a peel-off mask, preferably a charcoal mask (‘coz it’s black and closest in colour to the OG glitter mask).

Step 2: Add a spoonful of loose glitter and glitter chunks (like stars) in it.

Step 3: Mix everything together.

Step 4: Apply a nice layer on your face (and send intergalactic messages to aliens?)

Well, this was fun, wasn’t it? And if you do not have a charcoal mask, you can use a clear peel-off mask too. Pick either holographic ingredients or something that can be visible ‘clearly’.

Here are some other variations of the above-mentioned mask. 

Lipsticks & Glitter?

Wouldn’t recommend adding in the lipstick, but doesn’t that face mask look GORGEOUS?

Definitely *Neem* To Try This

Perfect For The Holidays

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Use stick-ons or rhinestones and make the mask as EXTRAAA as you want.

Repeat after us: Glitter makes everything better, especially face masks! ✨

Featured Image: YouTube


16 Apr 2020

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