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10 Texts To Send Your Guy When You Want All His Attention!

10 Texts To Send Your Guy When You Want All His Attention!

You know those times when all you want is for him to give you attention and talk to you? When you’re feeling needy and just want him by your side? Yeah, we’ve been there too! Here are 10 hilarious ‘give me attention’ texts to send to your boyfriend so that he knows that you want to be his priority right now!

1. ‘Hello! Is this my boyfriend’s number? He seems to be missing because he isn’t talking to me right now!’

It’s soo annoying when you need attention and he’s busy!

1 give me attention texts

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2. ‘Do you know how much attention I need and want from you? A lot honey, a lot!’

Clueless, he is!

3. ‘Good morning. I’m awake and want all your attention.’

Once you’re up, he’s all yours!

3 give ma attention texts

4. ‘Are you well rested? Did you sleep well? Because I’m going to have to ask you to give me all your attention today and that might take some of your energy.’

Dealing with you does require a lot of energy! *wink*

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5. ‘Hi! What are you doing? Stop it anyway and talk to me.’

Because, priorities!

5 give me attention gifs

6. ‘I love you all the time. Except for when you’re distracted and don’t reply to my messages. Like right about now.’

And then he really isn’t your favourite!

7. ‘Do you not know how cute I am? Have you forgotten that I’m adorable? If you have then I’d like to remind you of the same because you seem to be distracted.’

Remind him of how important you are!

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7 give me attention texts

8. ‘I know we were together like 5 minutes ago but I already want to talk to you again. I miss you.’

When you’re feeling clingy AF!

9. ‘I’m bored and I need to rant. I need your complete and undivided attention right now so that I can complain about everything!’

Ranting is better than therapy!

9 give me attention texts

10. Don’t say anything, just send him this meme!

This one is worth a thousand words!

Which text are you sending your boyfriend today?

10 give me attention texts

GIFs: Tumblr

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21 Jun 2017

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