8 Gifts To Make Your Mom Smile (And Also Win Her Heart!)

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
8 Gifts To Make Your Mom Smile (And Also Win Her Heart!)


Don’t gift your mum pretty things to decorate your home with, or things to help store or serve stuff in the kitchen – not on mother’s day, anyway! You need something much more special to thank her with, for taking care of you and bringing you up with the unconditional love that she has. Here are some things that will make her feel special!

1. A jewellery box…

Because maybe you can’t buy her some real jewellery just yet! There are some really pretty options available in the market that will brighten her day. And it won’t just keep all her lovely stuff in one place, but will also help her store it right.

gifts for your mother

POPxo Recommends: Red Mango Wood Box (Rs. 1,099)

2. Gift her an all expenses paid trip to the spa

‘Coz she needs some pampering too. A soothing body massage may be all she needs to relieve some of that tension – and of course, some quiet time never hurt anyone right? You can choose the price and package and just surprise her with it.

3. A potli bag, to amp up her traditional look!

You know what’s better than a designer clutch? A cute, dressy potli bag that will make heads turn as well as amp up her Indian look! Plus, there are many upcoming designers specialising in making these potlis, and also customising them for you.

gifts for your mother

POPxo Recommends: Silver Potli  (Rs. 1,500)

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4. Or, how about a subscription beauty box for the next few months to come?

Choosing from what she loves most, you can keep gifts rolling in for your mum, months after her mother’s day too! Just subscribe to any of the beauty boxes that require you to pay a certain amount and then deliver a box full of surprises every month according to your plan. We suggest you to check out FabBag, MyEnvyBox, and Sugarbox.

5. How about a beautiful bracelet watch?

Depending on your budget, you can gift her a watch that will work both as a dressy bracelet, as well as a watch that adds to her look. In fact, many watch companies are now coming up with special editions just for women that she will fall in love with and would love to flaunt every chance she gets!

gifts for your mother

POPxo Recommends: Daniel Klein Golden Watch (Rs. 2,590)

6. How about some hand painted memories?

We know baking a cake and making a card are too mainstream, and so here’s another way to make something for her. You could leave your fingerprints, along with the rest of your family’s over a photo, or a canvas and just get it framed for her. It will leave a sweet memory forever.

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7. Or some cosmetics to add to her collection

“I have too many lipsticks” said no woman ever. It’s always a great idea to gift her a shade of lipstick that she hasn’t already tried but you think would look great on her. Or, you could also gift her a makeup palette or maybe a pretty mixed bag with both of them? Add some pretty nail shades to the bag and you’re good to go.

gifts for your mother

POPxo Recommends: Maybelline Insta Glam Kit (Rs. 943)

8. Buy her a star in the sky!

Literally. There are organisations that help you register stars in the sky after the name of your beloved. They give you proper certificates for owning that star and also give you credit, in case any research based upon the same star happens in the future! Isn’t that just brilliant?