15 Super Fun Challenges To Try With Bae… Right Away!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Jun 14, 2017
challenges to do with your boyfriend


If you’ve never challenged your bae before, now is the time to do it! Each of these games on this list is not just exciting but will also bring the two of you closer if you play them more often. Are you ready to take the challenge of awesomeness?! Here are 16 super fun challenges for couples to try NOW! 

Couple Challenges For You To Try!

There is more to relationships than just mushy talks, make things interesting by trying out these fun challenges to do with your boyfriend!

1. Golgappa Eating Competition

We mean, who doesn’t love golgappas, right? We ALL do! And, a golgappa eating challenge is something that excites everyone. All you’ve got to do is head to the paani puriwala and take up that eating competition with bae. Whoever gulps down the most, wins!


2. The Floor Is Lava Challenge

We think bae and you will love this game because it’s so random and so much fun! All you’ve got to do is tell him that the floor is lava when he least expects it. Once you tell him, it’s up to him to get off the floor somehow – by jumping or latching onto an object for safety.  

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3. The ‘One Who Strips The Other’ Challenge

When you and he want to jump into bed, instead of undressing yourselves, help your partner in taking off their clothes. Whoever does this the fastest gets pampered to an erotic massage or gets to live a kinky fantasy of theirs. (Think handcuffs, ice cubes, chocolate lingerie! *Wink*)


4. Staring Contests For The Win!

If you haven’t played this as a kid, you’ve still got time! The game is simple, stare into each other’s eyes and whoever blinks, loses. Plus, staring into his big brown eyes will tempt you to kiss that angel-like face even more.

5. To A Game Of FIFA, Baby!

Most men are crazy about FIFA, your boo is no exception here. To make the night even more special, challenge him to a game. Reach for that controller, pick your team and play it to win it. (Psst… Seeing his girlfriend play football on the large screen with him is a dream and an instant turn on for every man. Just imagine if you beat him at it! You’re going to be in for a treat in the bedroom for sure!)


6. How Well Do You Know Me?

For couples who have been dating each other for a while, this game is perfect! You basically have to ask him a few intimate questions about yourself and for every answer he gets correct, he gets a peck on the cheek. The questions could be as innocent as ‘what’s my favourite colour?’ to as naughty as ‘what’s my favourite position in bed?’

7. Beer Pong ALL The Way

To ace this game, you need a table, a few plastic cups and a ping pong ball. The two of you should stand on either side of the table and aim to throw the ping pong ball into your partner’s cups. If it lands in the cup, that person must down the beer. The bottom line is to make each other tipsy in the most playful way possible.


8. Swap Underwear For A Day

This one’s a bit kinky (but not dirty!) and if done right, the two of you will have so much fun! You can either go lingerie shopping or give him one of your thongs and let him lend you his boxers. The challenge is to keep them on for the entire day, if one of you quits, then it’s obvious who won.

9. Jenga Is The Bomb!

Warning – Jenga can get a bit competitive, but if played in good spirit, it could become one of the coolest games ever! When choosing the blocks, pick a box that contains the ‘truth or dare’ ones. Each time you play and pull out a block, you will either have to say the truth or do a dare – doesn’t that sound super fun?!


10. Hello, Masterchef

One day, invite a bunch of friends over for lunch and compete with bae to make the yummiest dish. You can get creative by getting costumes or even working as teams. Let your friends be the judges, and according to them, the one who cooks the most delicious dish wins! 

11. The Freeze Challenge

The Freeze challenge is very much like the statue game you used to play with your friends in your childhood, but with a slight twist. As the name suggests, your partner is supposed to ‘freeze’ you while they do things to try to make you move, and when you do move, you have to complete a dare suggested by your partner! One of those couple challenges that never get old, you possibly cannot go wrong with this one!

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12. Dress Up Challenge

If you’re one of those who can’t help each other from suggesting what clothes the other should buy, then this game is designed for you! All you need to do is to pick out each other’s clothes from their wardrobe for the other to wear on a day and then compare with their previous looks. This is definitely going to be a lot of fun!

13. 7 Second Challenge

One of the most popular couple challenges at home, the 7-second challenge. It’s simple enough, each of you assigns a task to the other, and both of you only have 7 seconds to win it! For instance, ask your guy to list 5 places you’ve been on a date with under 7 seconds, or maybe ask him to list your 5 best TV shows! The field is yours to play with.

14. Blindfold Kiss Challenge

Not only is this challenge super fun, but it’s also great if you want to spice up some things between the two of you. The two of you have to put blindfolds on and then kiss each other. Sounds easy enough? But here’s the fun part, you have to put your blindfold on while facing away from each other, with your backs lined against each other.. While it will make you work harder for that kiss, the prize is going to be even sweeter!

15. The Twin Challenge

Now this one is for the couple who are totally in sync with each other, if not, then those who’d want to be! Take a giant pair of trousers or a jumpsuit, and we mean giant, ‘cause it has to be big enough to fit both of you! Now all you need to do is to go about your day like you’re conjoined twins. Not only will the two of you get to know a lot more about each other, but it’s also a fun way to spend the day together!

16. Not My Arms Challenge

Similar to the Conjoined Twin Challenge, slip into a preferably very large T-shirt with your partner. Let’s say that you’re in the back and your partner is in the front of the t-shirt, the challenge is to complete some tasks by using the hands of your partner. The catch is that you’ll be blindfolded while your partner dictates and guides you to do the task at hand. This mixture will guarantee some really stupid and funny moves. Hey, don’t forget to change sides afterwards.

YouTube Challenges For Couples

Our list of couple challenges for you to try with your bae deserves a special YouTube section, for these are trending by all the YouTubers out there. So go ahead and take a look at some of the top YouTube challenges that caught our fancy!

1. What’s In My Mouth Challenge

For all the food lovers out there, this challenge is just for you! Blindfold your guy, and then put random food items in his mouth while he tries to guess what it is that’s being fed to him. It can range from chocolates and syrups to cheese and wine, it’s for you to decide! You both can take turns to wear blindfolds, just make sure that you choose items that aren’t dangerous to swallow or taste.

2. Resist Laughter Challenge

Who doesn’t love a couple of laughs every now and then? This silly game is perfect to kill time when the two of you have some time on your hands. Simply open a couple of funny YouTube videos and try not to laugh. Whoever laughs first has to do a dare set by the other partner. Now, this is your chance to get creative! *wink*

3. Do My Makeup Challenge

Now this one is really trending on the internet, and why not, for its super fun! This is an absolutely adorable way to bring some spontaneity into your relationship, with lots of laughter and fun! All you have to do is to get your makeup tools out and then hand them over to your boyfriend to experiment them on you! Don’t forget to click before and after pictures. You could even shoot the entire bit and make it into a YouTube video.

4. The INR 1000 Couple’s Challenge

This one is fun! You will each get INR 1000, and you have to pick out 10 items from a store that you think your partner would like. And then, you reveal (which is the fun part, really). The goal is to have fun, be goofy, and most importantly be creative.

Top Texting Games For Couples to Play 

While all these couples challenges are super fun and creative, you definitely can’t try them with your bae if you’re in a long-distance relationship! So here are some of the top texting games for couples that you can play to keep things interesting!

1. 20 Questions

This is a fun couples challenge for the two of you to play if you’ve got some extra time on your hands. You start with either of you thinking of a famous celebrity in your mind, and the other partner has to guess by asking 20 questions! If they fail to guess, then you earn favour for the next time the two of you meet!

2. Truth Or Situation

Playing truth or dare is difficult when you’re doing long-distance, so why not change the rules a bit and keep the game ever the more interesting? Instead of daring your partner to perform a task, you can ask them what they would do if they were placed in a hypothetical situation! Sounds fun, don’t you think?

3. Finish The Lyrics

If music is the foundation of your relationship, then we possibly cannot suggest anything better than this! All you need to do is text your guy some lyrics from the song the both of you love, and then he has to reply to it by going forward with the same lyrics. Super cute, don’t you think?

Who says that relationships are all about romance and whispering sweet nothings? You can also make things fun by trying a host of other options, so go ahead and give these fun relationship challenges a try!

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