17 Fun And Romantic Couple Games To Add Some Spice To Your Date Night

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Sep 23, 2021
Romantic Couple Games


Every relationship tends to get boring at some point in time- especially if you and your partner are following the same mundane routine every day. Which is why date nights are important! It breaks the monotonous routine, helps foster communication, and makes you feel closer to your partner. If you’re planning an at-home date night, why not make things more interesting and fun by indulging in romantic couple games? Playing games with your partner can be an exciting way to spark conversations and get to know more about them. Below are some couple game ideas that include online games for couples, board games for couples, and more!

Online Games for Couples

The get-to-know-your-partner phase of a relationship is exciting and brings a whole lot of surprises. However, just asking questions back and forth can get really monotonous. That is where you can take the help of some online games for couples to learn about your bae while you play. Not just couple quizzes, you can also participate in intellectual games online! Basically, the idea is for couples to feel more connected, and bond over fun things. We’ve found some amazing online games for couples that you and your partner might enjoy.

Relationship Quiz

Have you ever wondered how well your partner knows you? The best way to find out is by participating in a relationship quiz! There are many couple’s quiz games available for free download, and you can also play these online over Zoom or FaceTime if you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship. ‘Couple Game: Relationship Quiz’ is one such online game for couples that is available for free download on iOS and Android. This app has a wide range of questions on topics such as romance, food, films, holidays, and more. 


Online Games for Couples

Turn your date night into a sexy adventure with this couple’s app game! This online game for couples enables you to send a spicy dare to your partner. You get to choose from hundreds of dares across several different categories, so you won’t be running out of dare options anytime soon. For each dare completed within the allocated time, you gain points and reach higher levels! Besides, you can also make things more interesting by writing your own dares for your partner.  

Online Chess

Couple’s quiz games
Google Play

This is one of the best online games for couples, especially if you and your partner enjoy intellectual games, and have a competitive streak. There are free chess apps available online, and once you start a game, you can also play it over multiple days! If you are in a long-distance relationship, make sure you both connect over a video call while playing the game so you can also interact and chat with each other.

Sex Dice

Looking to spice up your relationship? Then this online game for couples is just perfect for you. All you have to do is roll the dice, which will then reveal a task that you have to accomplish. You and your partner can customize the dice with specific actions, making the game sexier.


This isn’t specifically an online game for couples, but can be great fun to play with your partner! It’s basically a quiz game where you get multiple-choice questions on topics ranging from Harry Potter to History. You have 10 seconds to answer each question, and the quicker you answer, the more points you earn. You can choose to play against your partner and see who scores the most. With so many topics to choose from, you are sure to find something that interests you and your partner both.

Couple Question Games

Couple Question Games

Whether you’ve been together for a long time or it’s a new relationship- there’s always room to learn more about each other. The more you know about your partner, the more it can strengthen your bond. One of the best ways to get to know more about each other is through fun games where you can ask each other questions. Below are a few couple question games that you can try playing with your partner!

 Truth Or Dare

The classic ‘Truth or Dare’ game is perfect to play with your boyfriend. It gives you an opportunity to ask each other questions that otherwise wouldn’t have come up in your day-to-day conversations. Besides, you can also get creative with the dares, and add a kinky spin. This couple game is amazing for spicing up your date night.  

20 Questions

While there have been many variations of this game over a period of time, you can also add your own twist to it. When playing with your partner on a date night, you can make a set of 20 questions that your partner can answer in either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This couple game is a great idea if you have just begun dating, and want to get to know each other better. Make sure you add some naughty questions to spice things up!  

Would You Rather

‘Would You Rather’ makes for a great couple game! There’s no right or wrong answer, and can help you learn something new about your bae. Your questions could be something as simple as, “Would you rather have a picnic with me or go to a fancy dinner?” or something kinky and sexy such as “Would you rather be tied up to the bed or have your partner tied up?”

Couple Games For Party

Couple Games For Party

Certain couple games where you play in a team can help you bond with your partner. While playing against each other can get competitive, playing along with your bae against other couples can be a ton of fun! Below are a few couple games for party, so get ready for hours of fun and non-stop laughter with your partner!  

 Paper Dance

‘Paper Dance’ is one of the most popular couple games at parties, and for good reason! It’s entertaining and challenging at the same time. As the name suggests, couples have to dance on a sheet of paper and ensure that they don’t step outside the boundary of the sheet. During every round, the sheet of paper gets folded in half, making it more difficult (and interesting!) for couples to dance within the boundary. Every time a couple steps out, they’re eliminated from the game, and whichever couple survives till the end, wins the game.  

Pop The Balloon

Here’s another fun couple game for parties! It’s simple, and only requires lots of air-blown balloons. All you have to do is to burst the balloon- not by using your hands, but by pressing the balloon against the back of your partner. By the end of five minutes, whichever couple bursts the most balloons, wins the game! 

Truth And Lies

In this game, one of the partners will write down six truths and six lies about them. The other partner has to correctly guess the lies and the truths. Couples with the least number of correct guesses will be eliminated in each round, and eventually, one couple will win! This couple game can test your compatibility, and in the process, can also help you learn more about your partner. 

Fun Games For Couples

Fun Games For Couple

Couples who play together, stay together! There are some fun games for couples that can add some memorable and amazing moments to your relationship. Doesn’t matter whether you win or lose- the aim of the game is to make sure you have a great time together. Check out some fun games for couples that you can try playing with your significant other. 

Truth Or Dare Jenga

This game adds a fun twist to the classic Jenga, making it much more entertaining. The Truth Or Dare Jenga comes with 3 types of blocks- green blocks with ‘Truth’ questions, red blocks with ‘Dares’, and natural blocks with nothing written on them. To make it more interesting, you can also write down your own challenges using a pencil, and customize the game!

Never Have I Ever

Couple game
Treasure Tales

This one is a classic game that you can enjoy playing with your partner on date nights, or at a couple’s game night with your friends! Besides, you can also find various versions of this game online with cards that include some interesting situations, in case you’ve run out of ideas about what to ask.

Stare Off

This isn’t exactly a couple game, but it’s a fun way to spend quality time with your bae. All you have to do is come up with creative ways to make your partner blink. Whoever breaks eye contact first, loses the game. Your attempts to make each other blink first will surely evoke a few laughs!

Two Truths And A Lie

This is another simple game wherein one partner mentions three statements about themselves- one of which is a lie. Your partner must guess which one is the lie. To make this game more interesting, you can also introduce a rule. Whoever gets the answer wrong, removes one piece of clothing! 

Board Games For Couples

Staying in and watching Netflix together is a great idea for your date night, but can get real boring real soon. For a change, you can enjoy some board games for couples! Choose a board game, set the mood right with a few glasses of wine, and play some romantic music in the background- your perfect date night is ready! For your ease, we have compiled a few board games for couples.

Romantic Scrabble

Scrabble is a fun word game that everyone has played at least once in their lives. To make it romantic, add your own rules and twists to the game. For example, you can use only sexy words or innuendos to play. This will make the game more challenging, and interesting! You can also turn it into a strip scrabble, where your partner takes off one piece of clothing if you score 50 or more points with one word. 


Board Games For Couples

Roll the dice, pick a card, and set off on a raunchy adventure with your partner! With a uniquely sexy task on each card, this board is sure to amp up the temperature and inspire you two to try new things together.

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Remember- it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. The aim of these couple games is to make sure you spend some quality time with each other! 

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