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7 Fragrances Perfect For Valentines Day – ‘Coz Love Is In The Air

7 Fragrances Perfect For Valentines Day – ‘Coz Love Is In The Air

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Deciding what to wear and which makeup look would do justice to my outfit is essential but the right fragrance is such a beautiful sensory catalyst. That is how we remember the little details about precious moments and special people.

If you have not yet found your signature scent, I am here to help. Here are my favourites:

Spicy But Cute

This Valentine’s range by MyGlamm is LIT AF. There are 5 fragrances available in this range, but I am biased towards Spicy. The sweet lavender notes mixed with the tangy lemon ones make you smell flowery and fresh all at once. It also lingers on your skin and you can smell the carnation, leather, and vetiver in its heart and base notes. And the bottle is just so cute!

Smells Like Summer In London

If you are looking for a perfume for Valentine’s day subtle that lasts through your date night, British Rose EDT by The Body Shop is the one. It is the best rose-scented perfume available in India in this price range. The scent lasted for about 7-8 hours for me (during a dry Delhi winter) and faded into a mellow flowery fragrance after 2-3 hours.


Garden In A Bottle

This one is for the soft girls out there. It is not very strong and starts on a mellow note right from the moment you spritz it on your neck and pulse points. But it does last through the day. The not-so-sweet but charming fragrance of Zara’s Deep Garden perfume makes it one-of-a-kind.

Floral Heaven

When the scent of French lavender mingled with a Moroccan orange blossom flower, the YSL Libre EDP was born. And it does smell like its name, Libre (French for freedom). It is a romantic perfume that will get your bae swooning over you.

Not Just A Mist, It’s A Body Shimmer Too

One spritz of the double-duty In The Stars Diamond Shimmer Mist by Bath & Body Works and you glow like a diva. This body shimmer-mist is heavy on sandalwood musk and amber notes which makes it an amazing pick for a date night with bae this V-day.

The Smell Is Intense

Diet Sabya made me buy this and I am not complaining. Deepika Padukone swears by it and I see why. The Narciso Rodrigues Musc Noir has a unique floral scent with a luscious aroma of plum and white cedar. It smells as expensive as it is.


Smells Like Luxury In A Bottle

Not just the price, even the combination of notes in the Miller Harris’ Myrica Muse is luxe AF. Just the top notes of Bayberry, Pink Pepper, Strawberry and Tangerine are enough to make me buy this even though it might burn a little hole in my pocket. I want to call it my “seductive retro charm” because it smells exactly like that and is perf for V-Day!

I’m making heads turn with my perfume this Valentine’s Day!

Featured Image: Pexels

30 Jan 2023

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